The Weird Power of Curiosity

Somatic Experiencing and the power of curiosity and tracking sensations

Before Emily started working with her nervous system and survival response, she was clinically depressed and anxious. She had regular panic attacks. She hated her life. In fact, she was so miserable and unhappy that she considered killing herself numerous times 😳 It got so bad that she had to quit her corporate job in … Continue reading

Help! I Don’t Know How To Breathe 😮‍💨

Help! I Don't Know How to Breathe

My new breathing trainer arrived this week. Yes. Yes, it’s true. I don’t know how to breathe… so I bought a breathing trainer 🤷‍♂️ Is that crazy or what? Each morning, I stick this thing in my mouth and suck 😏 I suck air through it 30x (for 30 breaths). I do it again in … Continue reading

My head on your nuts

24 hours ago, this was my view… I’d hiked up to this lookout with Adyashatmypants and a few friends, 2 dogs and 5 bags of definitely not dry rice cakes (caaaaaaaaaarbs 🤤). We started at 830am, took a taxi to the start of the trail and by 1130, we’d arrived at the spot where I took that … Continue reading

The tsunami wave of sensation

I couldn’t breathe. I’d tried to go under the wave but somehow it sucked me up into the churning whitewash. I tumbled and thrashed like I was locked inside a washing machine but hey, at least I had my surfboard with me 🏄‍♀️ SNAP! Uh oh. There goes the board… I was taking surf lessons … Continue reading

Don’t take psychedelics until you read this email

Tears streamed down my face that day 😭 I was on a farm in the Southern Highlands, 3 hours from Sydney, after breaking up with my girlfriend of 4 years the day before. Rolling green hills in every direction. Pristine blue skies. Curious sheep, mooing cows and at least a few killer brown snakes that’ll … Continue reading

Safe to be a freak

I love it when I wake up before my alarm goes off in the morning. 530am today… my eyes open.  I look outside. Sun’s out, birds are singing and my stomach’s rumbling like a freight train passing by the city. Gorgeous 🙂 I get up, chuck my shoes on and head out the door for … Continue reading

The Day Sean Got Hit In The Face With A “Snow” Ball

The other day, we had a snowball fight. In Peru. Where it’s hot, dry and never snows. I know, right. Crazy. But yeah… It happened 🤷 Here’s how the snowball fight went down: Ellie bought some rice from the local tienda on the main road (“tienda” is Spanish for “store”). She brought it home. Cooked … Continue reading