Rageheart smacks negative thoughts to the curb, explodes energy and sets the caged beast free. What will it do for you?

Rageheart has given me a few EASY tools to use throughout the day to get from a DEFCON 5 to a 4… or a 3… without having to meditate for an hour.

Jack Campbell Testimonial, from Elevated Consulting

Jack Campbell

Elevated Consulting LTD

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

I just finished the Rage on Annihilation and my life has been forever changed in the best way possible.

Not the easiest, not the least painful, but the best for my life.

It is so obvious now that all the “stuff” I’ve been feeling for decades and decades is anger. Just like you I was proud of my lack of anger.

I’ve convinced myself that my anger is hurt, or sadness, or something else acceptable.

As a kid I was sent to my room and not allowed out until I could turn my anger into happiness. Even if I displayed anything close to anger I was sent to my room. Obviously I spent a lot of time in my room until I was old enough to learn how to shove that energy down and put on a smile.

After working with the Rage today and energy is coming up I’m realizing it’s just anger. And when I’m able to acknowledge it truthfully as anger … this tremendous peace comes over me. So deeply profound I have no words for it.

This new ability to reprocess energy just might be the best thing to truly let me live a peaceful life. A life I had given up hope on having.

Such a profound realization and wouldn’t have happened without you and Rageheart.

As always I stand in awe of the work.

Testimonial from Maria, Doctor of Audiology


Doctor of Audiology

What more can there be said other than it works!?! It’s absolutely brilliant that many of the techniques and practices are designed to work with your eyes wide open when you are in the trenches dealing with the stress and anxieties of modern life.

Who knew that by focusing on your body and sensation it would help me get out of my head and process accumulated tension in my body? It’s so simple and obvious, yet genius! Now I understand what people mean when they say BE YOURSELF!

David Ducatenzeiler testimonial

David Ducatenzeiler

Product Manager

I just became a baby beast … working the program.

I woke up this morning with zero plans.

Sat down at the computer to create a new blog article.

Next thing I know I’m in a great conversation with ChatGPT. One thing leads to another and darn if I didn’t just create a new novel business that has never been created on the face of the Earth. What? Yes.

In half a day I created the entire business structure, business plan, and business name. Also in that same half a day I created the framework an entirely new online course to complement the business.

My life for the past two years has been in nervous system over function and burnout. Suicidal? Yes, I’ve had those thoughts.

Only by doing your Rageheart Academy has my nervous system calmed down enough to allow functioning at a level not known for decades.

I cannot thank you enough for you, for what you have been through in life, and your intellect to create a program for me to get my life back on track.

I stand in awe of what can happen if we just listen to our bodies.

Testimonial from Maria, Doctor of Audiology


Doctor of Audiology

The exercises really help me to sleep.

Nick G


Rageheart was an excellent course. The overall flow of the lessons was well structured. It first started with the basics, then progressed to more advanced practices while supporting those practices with the fundamental skills learned in the beginning, and then it finally returned to some of the basic practices again albeit with additional complexity to promote further growth.

I think the constant emphasis on reinforcing the most basic principles of orienting, grounding, and awareness of bodily sensations throughout the course was extremely helpful. I started finding myself reiterating these reminders to myself to feel the ground and orient to my surroundings as I went about my day, and then it started to become embodied unconsciously.

Additionally, the wide variety of different exercises allowed me to see not only what clicked with my system but also what didn’t work for me.

Another thing I found helpful was the guidance to toggle between periods of engagement with the techniques and then corresponding periods of relaxation and awareness. This was useful in helping me to discern what effects the practices had on my system.

I came into Rageheart with knowledge of some basic nervous system practices, but the techniques I’ve learned throughout this course have strengthened my bodily awareness and have provided me with methods to help myself restructure my biology in a way that assists in promoting my healing and overall wellness.

David Newman

David Newman


…harder than I expected, but once I got used to it… it silenced my mind like never before.

Testimonial from Logan Hobson

Logan Hobson


I have completed my rage 5 or the beginner stage and I have to say, it’s a great programme helping me learn how to be in my body. I just did the pendulum and I experienced interesting sensations. Thank you for your work.

Testimonial from Helena



This morning I randomly woke up with a knot of stress in my chest that quickly snared my mind and dragged me into low key spiraling.

After a little bit of time I collected myself and dipped into my regulating Rageheart “toolkit”. I started orienting, using multitasking awareness, and then pendulated between those resources and the sensation of the knot in my chest.

After a little bit of time I started yawning uncontrollably as tears rolled down my face. Now? Sensation is gone and I’m peacefully moving on with my day.

Testimonial from Jon



I’ve been doing the somatic work for quite some time, but John’s particular way of presenting the information and approaching the process resonates well with me. He just really gets it.

He provides personal examples which help to connect the work to real life scenarios, but he doesn’t impose his experience on the overall process, allowing me to use the tools provided to work through the particulars of my situation.

He is also quite attuned to minor subtleties in the process, and he doesn’t promote a one-size-fits-all approach – he emphasizes the importance of tuning in to your own felt sense and using that to determine what is most needed in the moment.

David Newman

David Newman


This works 10x better than meditation for me.

If you’re like me and into the self-help and mindfulness worlds, you’ve probably tried a lot of things to find productivity, inner peace, clarity, or escape from your trauma.

I’ve tried breathwork, transcendental meditation (yes, I learned it from a Master here in Tokyo), and so much more, but nothing really did much. Like I’d feel at ease for a few minutes, and then the same stress or lack of focus would come back if I wasn’t spending half my day doing some kind of mindfulness exercise.

That was until I heard the idea of ‘survival stress’, why it matters more than anything else you might have been told, and how to get rid of it. This is a whole ‘nother take on how to deal with your feelings without suppressing them or trying to push them away like so many meditations do.

Rageheart has really changed my outlook on self-help, mindfulness, and life in general. I highly recommend anyone to sign up and see if anything that John Wood has to say resonates with the way you’ve been feeling or feel has been lacking from what you’ve been trying.

I was one of the first people to join in last year, and can’t recommend it enough.

Testimonial from Logan Hobson

Logan Hobson


Rageheart Rocks! I love listening to the Rageheart podcast. John Wood is brilliant in the way he presents and teaches about nervous system healing. John adds a level of fun creativity unsurpassed by any other podcast.

Also, I was ‘dead’ and now I am ‘alive’ since joining Rageheart Academy and signing up for the Daily Growl.

Feeling safe in my body now has changed my life in so many ways because of Rageheart!

I highly recommend all of John Woods creativity.

Gayla E Testimonial



Just had an Ayahuasca level release that felt like a seizure doing a rage there, holy fuck 😂

it’s mad, I’ve always felt so much emotion just bubbling under the surface but never had a true release like that before

felt… productive

“oh shit this stuff actually works”

Made me very motivated to dive in even more

It’s kinda fun right, getting the “hit” of it haha

Testimonial from Jack Campbell

Jack Campbell

Elevated Consulting

If you think Rageheart will solve your life’s problems and challenges, you’re going to be sorely disappointed.

Rageheart does ABSOLUTELY nothing to solve your problems and challenges.

In fact, I’m still dealing problems and challenges. Misunderstanding with the wife and kids. Disappointed clients, unexpected expenses. You name it. In fact, I’m certain I’m going to face bigger problems and challenges as I go through life.

However, thanks to Rageheart, I don’t get carried away with those problems and challenges anymore. When I’ done with work, I don’t carry the anxiety and burden of deadlines and nightmare clients on my back.

I can let go the moment I leave my office.

And when I’m home I can be totally present with my family.

When I have misunderstandings with people I know, I can deal with it without getting carried away. And once the matter is over, I’m back to being as cool as a sea breeze.

I don’t carry the stress and drama with me. I don’t play the whole scene again and again in my head.

Like I said, calm and cool as a sea breeze almost instantly.

And I can do ALL that thanks to Rageheart.

Suraj Punjabi testimonial



I have spent 30 years trying every meditation technique out there and nothing has helped me like The Rageheart Academy and The Rumble has over the last five months. (not years)!!

Gayla E Testimonial



Burn Your Self-Help Books… Get Rageheart Instead

The tools and exercises inside Rageheart changed my life in huge ways. I used to have PTSD and panic attacks, and struggled to find my purpose in life. I tried all the typical tools: CBT, journaling, SSRIs, yoga, meditation, vitamins, exercise, diet changes – but these things only scratched the surface.

By using the tools in Rageheart, I was able to release the fight-or-flight energy from my nervous system and finally feel safe, relaxed, and go after what I wanted in life.

Rageheart is honestly a game-changer.

In my opinion it beats all the other tools out there, because it helps you get to the root of what you’re feeling so you can release it. 10/10 most effective program I’ve found in the mental health space by far!

Testimonial from Emily


Massage Therapist

I feel much more present and aware. By aware, I mean more intimately connected to my body. I am more sensitive to feelings and physically embodied emotions and I am less overwhelmed because of it. Life is still busy and stressful. Still very tension inducing… but I find myself recognizing when I am tense more often, giving me more agency to tend to my bodies needs.


Sonam Zahrt-Tenzin


I’m in awe at how effective this work is!

I have done some form of orienting but never like I did in the rumble today. I came in with hip pain and by the end of the hr it was gone. I had been dealing with it for 2 weeks. No explanation. I think I realize now this is related to trauma/ stress/ gripping.

In the Rumble, John made it easy and fun to do these exercises. Because of past trauma, I have often felt afraid to do orienting and if I do it is only for a few minutes. Having others do it with me and having a facilitator there to guide, made me feel much safer.

I now realize how much my body is speaking and craves to feel safe again.

Thank you John for your work and creating a space to heal and feel again.

Testimonial from Christine, a nurse



I’m still taking things slow lesson-wise, but for me, this pace is working well as it’s giving me ample time to integrate. ​

I wanted to share an interesting thing that I found myself doing this last week: ​

I’ve been practicing holding space for my emotions as they arise. Then as the emotions start to dissipate on their own (after giving them attention or expression) I close out with a following my impulse “session” (Rage 9).

I found myself pulled to the ground. Exploring that impulse further, lead me to close up inspection of the ground… dirt, rocks, bugs, grass, etc… ​

And it was a very grounding (pun intended), nostalgic and magical experience. It’s such a youthful, curious thing to do. I remember doing it all the time as a kid… but at some point, I just stopped doing it. ​

After the first time this week, I’ve been repeatedly drawn to this careful up-close inspection of little things that I normally don’t pay much attention to, and it’s been incredibly enjoyable 🙂 ​

Just wanted to share this little, newly (re)discovered joy. ​

Thanks for Rageheart. ​


Sonam Zahrt-Tenzin


I got a couple different emails about giving the first lesson a try and I kept putting it off thinking it wouldn’t really make much of a difference.

I just listened to lesson one and gave everything suggested in it an honest effort.

I felt incredibly different by the end of the lesson. A feeling of calm in both my body and my mind that I’m not sure I’ve experienced since I was a small child.

You’re probably like yeah, I told you it would have an impact. 🙃

I have to say that my experience has been pretty incredible. Thank you.

At the beginning of March, when I can afford it, I’m in. Until then, I’ll probably be listening to lesson one every day. Wow.

Miranda K


Every time I do this, I just can’t even believe how something so simple can work so well. ​

I had checked in with my body.

​I thought I was completely relaxed. ​

I thought I had no tension. ​

I was feeling more tired than anything. ​

But about 45 minutes in, all of a sudden, I felt my abdomen totally relax. ​

I was purposely trying to release everything but it released on its own. ​

It created such a place of peace in my mind. ​

I don’t understand how it works. ​

It amazes me every time.

Gayla E Testimonial

Gayla E.