Being happy, healthy and whole isn’t about meditation, gratitude lists, $49 Moleskine journals, Stoicism, breath work or any of the usual shit that gets thrown around.

It’s about: 

1. Clearing all the stored survival stress from the nervous system

THIS is the little-known culprit behind why people are unhappy and unhealthy.

Stored survival stress from fight-or-flight responses that were never completed.

That time we wanted to run away as a kid.

The time we wanted to hit our parents but couldn’t.

Or that time we’ve literally forgotten about because it was so damn intense and overwhelming.

It’s all there – hiding in the nervous system – waiting for an opportunity to release.

2. Getting out of your head and into your body. 

This is more than simply “not thinking” or clearing your mind of thoughts.

This is about feeling that tension in your chest instead of thinking about it.

It’s about letting your breath run free, speeding up and slowing down as it needs to so that stored survival stress can do its thing.

And it’s about healthy aggression, the energy of the fight response.

Ultimately, it’s about feeling instead of thinking. 

3. Following your impulse. 

Books are great but they can only take you so far.

Sooner or later, you need to learn how to listen to yourself.

To your gut impulses.

Call it intuition if you want… or call it something else.

Whatever you name it, you need to listen to it.

It starts with small things, such as noticing that your body tells you when it’s time to eat, sleep or drop a fat turd into the toilet.

You don’t THINK you need to do those things.

You FEEL it… in your body.

And if you start paying attention to those cues, you’ll start noticing more subtle cues… such as what kind of career you want, what person to date and what your purpose is.

Your body knows… you just gotta listen.

That’s where Rageheart comes in.

Rageheart is a step-by-step guide to all of the above. How to clear all the stored survival stress from your nervous system. How to get out of your head and into your body. How to follow your impulse. And so. much. MORE.

If I had to sum it up in one sentence, I’d say this:

Rageheart is about unleashing the beast inside you and remembering who you are.

If that sounds good to you…

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