Burn Your Self-Help Books. Fire Your Life Coach. Ditch The Meditation Apps.


Kinda, yeah πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

If you want to shut your brain up (and all that comes with it), then you don’t need all that crap.

Don’t believe me?

Then look at what Gayla said:

Gayla Eastman Testimonial

I remember speaking to Gayla, back when she first found me.

She was as skeptical as anyone.

Better than meditation? No way.

But I explained it to her. Gave her some context. Pointed her in the right direction.

Some time later, she sent me that testimonial.

So when I say…

Burn your self-help books. Fire your life coach. Ditch the meditation apps.

…I’m only half joking.

That’s what Rageheart did for me.

I rarely read self-help books these days.

If I do, I almost never finish them.


Because what I’ve got now is better than 99% of self-help books.

In fact, Rageheart is the the standard by which I measure everything else.

But it didn’t start out that way.

At first, I just wanted to escape from some fucked up shit.

How To Turn Mind Control, Manipulation and Psychological Abuse Into Deep Healing

Back in 2020, I’d gotten myself into a pretty pickle.

I’d hired a couple of life coaches who turned out to be snakes.

They offered to do a Magic Mushroom “healing” ceremony with me…

…but their idea of healing was to tell me, mid-ceremony while I was open and vulnerable on the Magic Mushrooms, that:

  • I killed 20 million people in a past life (yes, they actually said that 😳)
  • 2 million of those people were guilty and deserved it, which meant that
  • I’d killed 18 million innocent people, which meant that
  • I now had 18 million “karmic locks” on my power

They also told me that I was arrogant, asked too many questions, read too many books and that I should stop spending time with my friends.

When I confronted them about their behaviour, they proceeded to gaslight me. They hadn’t done anything wrong… I just had some stray thoughts I needed to deal with.

I’ll be honest –

It was a mind fuck.

I’m not saying I believed it.

But it created a ton of doubt and shame.

What if it IS true?

What if I AM a bad person?

What if I do have all these “blocks” on my power?

Maybe I need to keep working with them?

Here’s what’s interesting:

Meditation didn’t protect me.

If anything, it made me more vulnerable (because I was too detached from my feelings).

The self-help books didn’t help either.

As for life coaches, well, the “Magic Mushroom” life coaches were life coaches.

So the traditional tools failed.

They failed to stop it from happening in the first place.

And they failed to help me unravel the mind fuck of it all.

3 months later, I discovered the world of nervous system healing.

That’s when everything changed.

All of a sudden, I felt white hot rage at what these people had done.

After a lifetime of stuffing down my anger, it exploded out of me.


Because someone had crossed a boundary and my anger was here to protect me. To show me that I was in danger. To give me the energy to do some difficult things (like ending a relationship and moving countries).

And in the months that followed, I used the nervous system tools to heal from this strange experience.


If you want the full story, listen to this podcast episode.

Point is –

This stuff works.

It got me out of a very tricky situation.

A situation that could easily have led to me wasting 5, 10 or even 20 years with those clowns.

It happens all the time with cults.

They play the same mind games:

  • they tell you that who you are right now is not good enough
  • you then let go of your existing identity and operating system
  • at which point, the cult inserts its own identity and operating system

This is what cults do to bring people into their circle.

When they’re successful, they turn people into drones for years or even decades.

Sometimes, the mind control will take people to the grave (like with the Jonestown massacre).

This shit is no joke.

But instead of years, decades or death…

…it took me 3 months to disentangle myself from the life coaches above.

I credit my escape with the nervous system approach to healing, which is what I teach here at Rageheart.

Meditation failed me. So did all those self-help books. Breath work, ice baths and gratitude lists. Journaling.

All the usual self-help tools failed.

What worked was getting into my body and learning to feel.

And that only scrapes the surface of what this nervous system approach can do.

Get your nervous system running like a finely-tuned Ferrari and:

  • your fall asleep easier, stay asleep and wake up with more energy
  • with more energy comes more focus, discipline and motivation for your day
  • which means you get more done, make better decisions and eat healthier
  • you start to feel your way through the world (instead of thinking about everything like most people)
  • you have better boundaries, more confidence and more unfuckwithability

And plenty more.

Though the most immediate benefit is you’ll shut your brain up like never before.


Start here.

Who Is John Wood?

John Wood, Founder

The founder of Rageheart.

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia.

Now based in Peru, South America, working with plant medicine.

Big believer in the healing power of Ayahuasca, San Pedro and other psychedelics WHEN done legally, safely and with people you trust.

No longer addicted to coffee, sugar, porn or meditation.

Blue belt in BJJ.


Fantasy books.




IN LOVE with the nervous system approach to healing (Rageheart in a nutshell).


Start here.

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