My head on your nuts

John Wood, Founder of Rageheart

by John Wood

24 hours ago, this was my view…

I’d hiked up to this lookout with Adyashatmypants and a few friends, 2 dogs and 5 bags of definitely not dry rice cakes (caaaaaaaaaarbs 🤤).

We started at 830am, took a taxi to the start of the trail and by 1130, we’d arrived at the spot where I took that photo.

Then we sat, talked, laughed and ate the aforementioned rice cakes with peanut butter (more liquid than butter thanks to the sun ☀️), salty chocolate and more salt (yes, we sprinkled salt onto the runny peanut “liquid” and then added salty chocolate bits to the mix).

Iris and Kaitlyn had some fancy sourdough sandwiches with goat cheese, figs and something else.

Kevin had dried fruit.

And Adyashatmypants had her nuts 🥜

I remember lying down at one point during the afternoon and finding my head resting on Adyashatmypants’s nuts.

I pushed them out of the way and then started giggling like a 7 year old schoolboy.

“Hey Ellie”, I snorted through the giggles.

“Your nuts… hehehehehehehe.”

I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t get the words out.

“Your nuts are… hehehehehehehehe…”

Almost there!

“My head was on your nuts! Hahahahahehehehehahahahahehehehehe…”

I got it out… then continued giggling like that 7 year old school boy.

Maybe the magic mushrooms had something to do with it? 🤔

Mushrooms are often like that for me.

Jokers they are 🤣

They make me laugh and crack jokes and take the piss out of everything.

Everything is funnier on mushrooms for some reason.

I don’t usually get the same vibe from San Pedro or Ayahuasca… but shrooms?

Definitely 🤷‍♂️

Laughing is actually a great way to soothe and settle your nervous system (as the saying goes, laughter is the best medicine).

If you’re feeling stressed, watch some comedy or funny cat videos (atm I like Taylor Tomlinson for comedy or Modern Family snippets).

In the world of nervous system healing, things that soothe and settle your nervous system are called “resources” and in Rage 2 inside Rageheart, you make a list of all the resources that work for you – to help you in Rageheart as old “stuff” starts to move and also in life (like when Karen cuts you off in traffic and almost kills you 🪦).

It’s all about being more intentional about how we regulate our nervous system so we don’t need to use unhealthy stuff to soothe (like alcohol, food and porn).

Want to know more about resourcing and how to soothe and settle your nervous system without damaging your body and mind?

You know what to do..


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John Wood

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