Don’t take psychedelics until you read this email

John Wood, Founder of Rageheart

by John Wood

Tears streamed down my face that day 😭

I was on a farm in the Southern Highlands, 3 hours from Sydney, after breaking up with my girlfriend of 4 years the day before.

Rolling green hills in every direction.

Pristine blue skies.

Curious sheep, mooing cows and at least a few killer brown snakes that’ll put you “to sleep” in under 30 minutes (arguably the quickest killing venom in the world – welcome to Australia 💪🇦🇺).

It’s a beautiful place.

The perfect spot really.

For mending a broken heart…

…and for taking psychedelics.

I’d had some San Pedro that day – a psychedelic cactus native to the Andes mountains in South America – and I hoped it would move some of the emotion I was feeling after the break-up.

It did that… plus a whole lot more.

I realised that day that the nervous system approach I teach inside Rageheart works in the same way that psychedelics work to help people heal from PSTD, anxiety, depression and so much more:

It clears survival stress from the past that’s “stuck” in the nervous system.

Since then, I’ve only become more convinced of this fact.

Handled responsibly, psychedelics are fantastic on their own… especially in nature.

So is the nervous system approach to healing. 

But for me, the real magic happens when you put these 2 things together.

With the intention of healing and becoming happier and healthier, I’ve drank ayahuasca in rural Australia, the jungles of Thailand and the mountains of Peru. I’ve tripped on mushrooms all over the world. I’ve tried Iboga, LSD and San Pedro too.

After all that exploration and learning, it’s clear to me that the nervous system approach to healing and the psychedelic way of a healing are more or less the same.

It works like this:

We go through a lot of shit in our lives. Bad parents. Bullies at school. Teachers who suck. Governments who care more about money and power than about taking care of their constituents. Crazy hours at work. On and on and ON it goes.

That shit produces a delicious cocktail of “survival stress”. Adrenaline, cortisol and a whole lot more.

That cocktail of “survival stress” gets stuck in the nervous system and leads to anxiety, depression, PTSD, digestive problems, autoimmune disorders, OCD, insomnia, etc.


To resolve and heal these symptoms, we need to work with the cocktail of stored survival stress in the nervous system (not simply with our thoughts like most approaches to “mental” health).

Clear the stress cocktail and the entire system (including the mind) eventually returns to health, vitality and balance 😍

This is what Rageheart does.

And in my experience, it’s how psychedelics work too.


This is where things get tricky.

As you might already know, psychedelics are so good at bringing up old feelings, sensations and memories from the past that sometimes it overwhelms someone and they have a bad trip.

It’s too much, too soon, too fast.

That’s where Rageheart comes in.

Rageheart is a step-by-step guide to your nervous system. You learn to work with all the stored survival stress you’ve accumulated from a lifetime on earth… in a more controlled, less chaotic setting than with psychedelics. You get tools and techniques as well as strategies for dealing with things when it gets intense. It’s psychedelics on easy mode.

These skills play perfectly with psychedelics and decrease the chances of bad trips and overwhelm whenever you actually decide to take them.

With the right nervous system skills and education onboard, I find my psychedelic journeys to be easier, more fun and more rewarding. There are bigger breakthroughs, insights come faster and the integration is far smoother.

Now, legally I can’t tell you to take psychedelics and even if I could, I wouldn’t do that because only YOU know if you are ready for them.

But if you choose to do them on your own initiative – with the goal of healing old, sticky issues – I would strongly encourage you to learn about your nervous system first. How it ends up with stored survival stress and what needs to happen to clear it.

You can do that with me and Rageheart or you can do it with someone else… but regardless, it would be a very good idea to do it BEFORE you venture down the psychedelic rabbit hole.


If you’d like to do it with Rageheart, sign up for a FREE trial today while it’s open to new members:


If you’re already a member and working with psychedelics, consider trying out some of the techniques inside Rageheart the next time you go down the rabbit hole.


John Wood

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