Oh Shit!

You just woke the beast 😱

Angry Lion

* Cue scary music *


Actually, wait –

Oh… the beast isn’t awake.

Not yet anyway.

It’s snoring away while you…

  • meditate
  • make endless lists of what you’re grateful for
  • scribble in your $49 Moleskin journal
  • practice Stoicism
  • drink 17 cups of coffee (ALL AT THE SAME TIME SAME TIME SAME SAME TIME TIME)
  • smash yourself in savage gym workouts
  • run
  • listen to rock music and scream while driving
  • watch endless YouTube videos and
  • work that super strict routine that makes you desperate to cartwheel out of a 58th floor window screaming the lyrics to Mad World

In other words…

Your beast sleeps while you apply bandaids to your mind.

Yeah –


Glorified bandaids.

Helpful, sure… at least in the short term (just like aspirin, alcohol or a heroin addiction that would make Kurt Cobain proud).

But in the long-term?


That’s where The Growl stomps in.

In just 5 minutes a day, you’ll ditch the usual self-help bandaids for something that attacks the root problem (nervous system dysregulation) instead of symptoms like most everything else.

That’s how you unleash the beast inside you (along with all the vitality, energy and full-blooded healthy aggression that comes with it – and the next time someone tells you to “fuck off”, you’ll simply look them calmly in the eye.. and smile 😎).

Logan Hobson

Logan Hobson


…harder than I expected, but once I got used to it… it silenced my mind like never before.

Supercharge Your Nervous System Instead Of Worrying About Your Thoughts

Tiger on Tree

Meditation teaches you to silence your thoughts.

Gratitude lists, positive thinking and CBT are about changing negative thoughts to positive thoughts.

Journaling is about figuring out what your thoughts are.

And the “mental heath” industry assumes that mental health issues are, by definition, mental or “thought-based”.

But what if our thoughts are merely a symptom of the problem – not the problem itself?

That means that fiddling with our thoughts – whether to eradicate them, transform them or decipher them – will have about as much success as trying to mend a massive internal bleeding wound with a bandaid when what you need is 283 stitches on your liver or even laparoscopic surgery.

Instead, you need to attack the ROOT problem – nervous system dysregulation – if you’re desperate to unleash the beast inside you.

Rob Allen

Rob Allen


If you normally roll your eyes and say “blah… blah… mindset stuff. Yeah, I get it.”, I strongly suggest you give this another look. I can report that it helps calm that inner voice down… a LOT almost instantly.

Reactivate Your Mojo

Leopard in tree

If your nervous system is all outta whack, it’s like having a blocked or frozen pipe in your kitchen.

The energy (water) wants to flow… but it can’t.

The result?

The beast inside you falls asleep and your mojo evaporates.

In other words…

😩 Procrastination

😮‍💨 Negative thoughts

😕 Self-doubt

😞 Imposter syndrome

😨 Low confidence

🫠 Poor boundaries

😶 No purpose

😐 Unfulfilled

😭 Unhappy

🥵 Burn out

😬 Can’t fall asleep

🥱 Can’t stay asleep

😴 Sleeping too much

🫣 Resistance

🤢 Toxic relationships

🤮 Digestive problems

😪 No energy

😵 Blocked toilet

But scrub the pipes and “unconstipate” your nervous system and the beast inside you gradually comes back to life again.

And that means…


Peter A. Levine, PHD

Peter A. Levine, PHD

Best-selling author

When we are unable to complete the appropriate actions, we fail to discharge the tremendous energy generated by our survival preparations. This energy becomes fixed in specific patterns of neuromuscular readiness. The person then stays in a state of acute and then chronic arousal and dysfunction in the central nervous system.

Not For The Faint Of Heart

Leopard in the dark

Diving into your nervous system isn’t all sunshine, rainbows and bright, shiny unicorns.

In fact, it could be the toughest journey you’ve ever embarked on.


Because it’s literally (and scientifically) designed to stir up everything in you that’s unresolved.

Fear, doubt, anger, guilt, shame and so much more. All the stuff most people spend their entire lives avoiding. The demons within. 

That’s the stuff that’s making us anxious and depressed.


Keep that in mind if you continue past this point.

As the old saying goes:

Here be dragons.

Chel E

Chel E


The Growl is great. It’s clear, crazy, raw and real. The techniques are perfect. it’s like lucid dreaming while awake.

Burn Your Self-Help Books. Fire Your Life Coach. Ditch The Meditation Apps.

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Jonny Miller

Jonny Miller

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