The surprising cost of nervous system dysregulation

How many opportunities have you missed due to nervous system dysregulation? 😬 Procrastination 🥱 Bad sleep 😰 Imposter syndrome and self-doubt 😪 Low energy and motivation 🤔 Not knowing how to follow your impulse or gut (and as a result, lacking a sense of purpose, direction and meaning in your life) All of these things … Continue reading

Safety is the key to success – not discipline

I remember when I was living in Thailand, I was a master procrastinator. You know the feeling, right? I’d sit down at 8am to write something or work on a project and by 11am, all I’d accomplished was a metric shit ton of scrolling through Facebook. Or if it wasn’t Facebook, it’d be Instagram. Or … Continue reading

Your life purpose is to be a tomato (no, really)

You know what I’m talking about. Round, red and juicy tomatoes 🍅 Tomatoes that drive your tastebuds wild. Tomatoes that melt your face off and give you toe-curling orgasms (yes, it’s a thing). And you know what? I can think of no higher calling than to be a round, red, JUICY tomato. I mean, think … Continue reading

I know you like to procrastinate

And yet… I also know you hate it. You wish you could stop stalking your ex on social media, refreshing Gmail 281 times a day and checking YouTube for celebrity interviews and funny cat videos. You wish you could just focus on that project that’s important to you instead. I mean, it’s REAL important to … Continue reading

Safe to be a freak

I love it when I wake up before my alarm goes off in the morning. 530am today… my eyes open.  I look outside. Sun’s out, birds are singing and my stomach’s rumbling like a freight train passing by the city. Gorgeous 🙂 I get up, chuck my shoes on and head out the door for … Continue reading

Damn you broccoli 🥦

So I’ve got this weird issue with my right leg. Squatting heavy in the gym aggravates it and later on that day, I’ll feel a pain in my ankle while walking around. The earliest I can remember having it is 2015, back when I was living in Medellín, Colombia, and it’s come and go since … Continue reading


The fight or flight response is an amazing thing. It keeps us safe in so many ways. A threat appears and we either run away to safety and fight the threat off. However, it’s meant to be short-lived. We meant to go into it and then back out of it. We’re not meant to get … Continue reading