The Weird Power of Curiosity

Somatic Experiencing and the power of curiosity and tracking sensations

Before Emily started working with her nervous system and survival response, she was clinically depressed and anxious. She had regular panic attacks. She hated her life. In fact, she was so miserable and unhappy that she considered killing herself numerous times 😳 It got so bad that she had to quit her corporate job in … Continue reading

Everything Is Everything

Spanish is jiu jitsu is ballet is gardening is knitting is building houses is programming is writing is hiking is snowboarding is cooking is overcoming anxiety and depression is nervous system work is tantric sex and full body orgasms that shake the walls of the house and make your neighbours call the cops. The point … Continue reading

What’s really behind overthinking?

I used to think that overthinking was a matter of discipline. If I could just exert enough willpower, then I could silence my mind FOREVER 🎉 Or maybe if I journaled enough and analysed my thoughts enough (is this true? No really, IS IT TRUE?!???) and maybe talked to a therapist about them, I’d finally … Continue reading

Put a pink Hello Kitty bandaid on it

Back in 2018, I spent a night in a Thai hospital. I’d injured myself doing shoulder stands on the gymnastics rings at GoGym Chiang Mai. I’m sure it looked cool to all the people on the treadmills as they watched… …but it also gave me a hernia 😭 (A hernia is a tear in the … Continue reading

The high-tech slick brick of the self-help industry

I remember way back in 2013 when I was living in Thailand, I didn’t want an iPhone.. or hell, even a smart phone. No thank you 🙅‍♂️ I was perfectly happy with my $20 brick of a phone. It received calls and text messages and that was all I wanted. I absolutely did NOT want … Continue reading

The REAL reason you can’t stop thinking

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was in Thailand at the time. Chiang Mai to be exact (aka. Northern Thailand… the foothills of the Himalayas). Luscious jungles, refreshing waterfalls and motorbikes that I drove wayyyyyy too fast through the mountains 😬 Like every human being ever, I was trying to make my life … Continue reading

Warning: Unleashing the beast may cause severe side effects

Before you read another Daily Rage, please read this important medical disclaimer. As you know, Rageheart is designed to unleash the beast inside you. While this may sound like a lovely thing… it’s not without danger, challenge or randos thinking you’re either crazy or a total asshole. Side effects include: ⚠️ You may lose interest … Continue reading

The Day Sean Got Hit In The Face With A “Snow” Ball

The other day, we had a snowball fight. In Peru. Where it’s hot, dry and never snows. I know, right. Crazy. But yeah… It happened 🤷 Here’s how the snowball fight went down: Ellie bought some rice from the local tienda on the main road (“tienda” is Spanish for “store”). She brought it home. Cooked … Continue reading

All Blocked Up? Here’s What NOT To Do About It

Here in Peru, at least in our house, we have a metal strainer over the kitchen sink. The idea is… Stop food from going down the drain to prevent blocked pipes. Most of the time, it works. We wash the dishes, soapy water goes down the drain and food gets caught in the strainer. But … Continue reading