Put a pink Hello Kitty bandaid on it

John Wood, Founder of Rageheart

by John Wood

Back in 2018, I spent a night in a Thai hospital.

I’d injured myself doing shoulder stands on the gymnastics rings at GoGym Chiang Mai.

I’m sure it looked cool to all the people on the treadmills as they watched…

…but it also gave me a hernia 😭

(A hernia is a tear in the abdominal wall where your intestines start poking out. It’s not usually an emergency… but if you leave it for long enough, it can turn into an absolute horror story.)

That’s why I was in hospital… to get a much-needed laparoscopic hernia surgery before all hell broke loose (literally).

Before I climbed onto the surgery table, the doctor asked me an important question:

“What’s with all the Hello Kitty bandaids?”

My favorite kind of bandaids

You see, when I first sustained the injury at the gym, I didn’t go to the doctor.

I thought, hey, maybe I can fix it myself?

So I put a bandaid on it, hoping it would make the pain (and the weird-looking hernia bulge) go away.

Problem was, I didn’t actually have any bandaids of my own so I had to use my GF’s Hello Kitty bandaids (some Thai girls love Hello Kitty) 🤣

When that first bandaid failed to fix the gaping hole in my abdominal wall, I put another pink Hello Kitty bandaid on it.

And when THAT failed too, I decided to up my bandaid game. I remember putting 179 bandaids on it in the space of 3 seconds while I watched Game of Thrones one day. 179 pink Hello Kitty bandaids across the tear in my lower abdominal wall.

Surely 179 pink Hello Kitty bandaids would fix it, right? 🥹

Or failing that, maybe admiring Khaleesi in Game of Thrones would help activate the healing power of my GF’s Hello Kitty bandaids?

Nope 🤦‍♂️

That’s when I made the shocking discovery that turned my topsy turvy world upside down:

Maybe this wasn’t something bandaids could fix.

I remember the day I made a similar discovery about my long-standing social anxiety, my exhausting up and down cycles of energy and deepening sense of apathy and meaninglessness in life.

I’d tried all the usual hacks:

Meditation, gratitude lists, journaling, breath work, self-help books and courses, coaching, therapy, affirmations, 19 cups of strong black coffee per day and a super strict routine that that made me desperate to cartwheel out of a 58th floor window screaming the lyrics to Mad World.

Was it helpful?

Sure… in the same way that my Hello Kitty bandaids hid the disturbing tear and bulge in my abdominal wall.

But did it fix the actual problem?

No, because just like with the hernia and the pink Hello Kitty bandaids, these various “hacks” weren’t fixing the root issue:

Nervous system dysregulation.

That’s why I say meditation and all the other stuff I mentioned are just “self-help bandaids”. Because none of them deal with nervous system dysregulation. They’re all mostly about working with the mind.

That’s where Rageheart comes in.

Rageheart is specifically designed to help you fix nervous system dysregulation. You learn to work directly with your fight-or-flight response to clear stress from years and decades gone by, which settles your entire system and gives you what you’ve been searching for all these years without knowing it:

A deep, profound sense of inner safety.

And when you feel safe enough – safe enough to explore, take risks and be who you are – anything is possible.

Anyway, if you’d like to test Rageheart out, sign up for a free trial when it opens again on January 19.

If you’re already a member and feeling that beastly impulse (Rage 9), you know what to do. Hit the “Sign In” link on the page below and get after it:



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