Warning: Unleashing the beast may cause severe side effects

John Wood, Founder of Rageheart

by John Wood

Before you read another Daily Rage, please read this important medical disclaimer.

As you know, Rageheart is designed to unleash the beast inside you.

While this may sound like a lovely thing… it’s not without danger, challenge or randos thinking you’re either crazy or a total asshole.

Side effects include:

⚠️ You may lose interest in meditation, journaling, gratitude lists, talk therapy, coffee or super strict routines that make you want to jump out of a window screaming the lyrics to Mad World

⚠️ You may lose interest in your current work or career because you finally admit to yourself that it’s not what you actually what to do with your life (hey, you’d rather be a chef… or a race-car driver… or a professional belly dancer on the beaches of Costa Rica)

⚠️ You may forget your people-pleasing ways, start snapping at the people around you and end up in vicious fights that you never expected or planned on (beeeeeeeen there, done that)

⚠️ You may find your mind far emptier than usual (less thoughts, less thinking and less stories) even though you gave up on meditation (oooooooops, sorry Mister Booooodha 🧘‍♂️)

⚠️ You may end an existing romantic relationship, disappointing your partner and family while simultaneously skyrocketing your happiness (been there, done that, too)


BEWARE the beast inside you and don’t wake it up UNLESS that’s what you want.

If you’d rather the beast stay asleep because you think life’s easier that way, then hit that handy unsubscribe button at the bottom of this email because Rageheart and The Daily Rage is not for you.

On the other hand, if you can think of nothing you want more… 

…and you’re prepared to deal with the inevitable “side effects” that appear as the beast inside you wakes up…

Sign up to Rageheart when it opens on Thursday the 17th (2 days from now).

If you’re already a member and the beast inside you itches to rage, hit the “Sign In” link and get after it:


John Wood

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