San Pedro, Gratitude and Getting Nailed

Last week, I attended a San Pedro retreat here in Peru. San Pedro is a psychedelic cactus native to the mountains of Peru. It’s difficult to tell you exactly what it is or what it does, and I don’t want to colour your expectations of it in case you ever do it… …but I will … Continue reading

slow = fast

So says one of my teachers in the world of nervous system healing. In the Western world, we’re addicted to fast. Fast food. Fast cars. Fast results. If it’s not fast, we don’t want it. If it’s slow, we think something’s wrong. That the thing is broken. That it’s not for us. I used to … Continue reading

you can’t rush your healing

Here he comes! Kano. The regal, kingly dog. He sprints for the back door as I stand by it, ready to open it when he gets close. Then… BANG! Poor Kano 🥲 Instead of sprinting out the back door, he sprints INTO the back door. In slo-mo, I might add. Just like the movies. With … Continue reading

Eat your dog food (and don’t play hockey with it)

The one and only Kano stayed over the other day. Mighty Kano! Hell of a dog. I don’t think I’ve mentioned him before. He belongs to my friend Lacey… and whenever she goes out of town, she brings Kano over to our place for a little sleepover. That means we gotta feed him, water him … Continue reading