Eat your dog food (and don’t play hockey with it)

John Wood, Founder of Rageheart

by John Wood

The one and only Kano stayed over the other day.

Mighty Kano!

Hell of a dog.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned him before.

He belongs to my friend Lacey… and whenever she goes out of town, she brings Kano over to our place for a little sleepover.

That means we gotta feed him, water him and throw his favorite green Frisbee for him (whenever he actually lets us get near it πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ).

Not Kano. I couldn’t find any photos of Kano so I found this photo of a puppy instead.


The other day, I made a BIG mistake with his dinner:

I gave him his usual Prime Cuts with EXTRA GRAVY (🀀) from a can but instead of breaking it up into small pieces, I just left it as one big chunk.

I figured that a dog would figure it out… I mean, it’s not like wet dog food is hard and difficult to chew, is it?

It’s basically mush.

But what did Kano do?

Instead of chowing down through it, he used it as a hockey puck. 

He pushed it around the floor with his wet nose, wove in and out of legs belonging to chairs and humans and eventually, HE SCORED AND THE CROWD WENT WILD!!

It’s as if he forgot it was meant to end up in his stomach πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

The solution?

Break up the wet, mushy dog food into bite-sized pieces.

Then Kano won’t be overwhelmed by his dinner.

It applies to dog food…

…AND it applies to the nervous system and stored survival stress.

In the case of the nervous system, the stored survival stress inside your system is the big chunk of Prime Cuts dog food.

While you might want to eat it all at once, the fact is, it works a hell of a lot better if you take it one piece at a time.

That means not rushing.

It means taking breaks and giving yourself time to do shit that has nothing to do with “healing” (like binge watching the last season of Suits on Netflix – THAT banter 😍).

So while yes, Rageheart is NOT for the faint of heart, it’s also not something you want to rush.

In fact, rushing usually slows the process down because you get overwhelmed and then you shut down. This activates the FREEZE portion of the parasympathetic nervous system (high tone dorsal) and causes what’s coming up to go hide in the shadows again.

So –

As one of my teachers likes to say…

Go slow to go fast.

Approach Rageheart as if you’re feeding Kano his nightly Prime Cuts with Extra Gravy:

Take it one bite at a time.

If you like the sound of that, sign up to Rageheart when it opens again.

If you’re already a member and ready for another bite, you know what to do. Hit the sign in link and eat some tasty Prime Cuts with Extra Gravy:


Now –

It’s time for me to get some dinner… but thankfully, not Prime Cuts with Extra Gravy πŸ™

I’m in Cusco for a few days – 2 mins from Plaza De Armas (the main tourist plaza).

I’m thinking Jack’s Cafe for an Alpaca Burger or that Beef Stroganof… anyway, wish me luck.


John Wood

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