Your racing mind is NOT the problem

John Wood, Founder of Rageheart

by John Wood

It’s a symptom of a deeper issue.

What issue?

Nervous system dysregulation.

What’s that?

A nervous system that’s all outta whack.

Why’s it out of whack?

Stress from years and decades gone by. Emotions that weren’t expressed. Sensations that weren’t felt. Memories that weren’t acknowledged.

It’s all the times you wanted to run away but couldn’t.

All the times you wanted to scream but couldn’t.

All the times you wanted to jump for joy but couldn’t.

You couldn’t do these things because it wasn’t safe… so you held it in.

That’s when all that energy that wanted to move got stuck.

Stuck inside your body. Inside your nervous system. In your organs, muscles and fascia.

It’s waiting for the day it can come up and release.

Until then, it’ll keep playing out as thoughts inside your head.

The thoughts aren’t really the point.

They’re just leaves on a tree.

If you want to clear those thoughts, you gotta clear the roots of the tree.

How to get started?

Stop focusing on your thoughts and instead focus on your sensations. Not just your breathing. The tension in your gut. The way your shoulders rise slightly when you feel stressed. How your hands keep clenching.

And as always, orient to the safety around you. No tigers? No bears? No screaming dudes with guns? You’re probably quite safe and paying attention to that fact will help your nervous system relax.

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John Wood

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