You can’t escape your _____

John Wood, Founder of Rageheart

by John Wood

Whether you call it your past, your trauma, your unresolved survival responses, your history, your story, your memories, “what happened to you” or YOUR BUCKETLOAD OF CABBAGE (oh shit, I mean “baggage”) 🥬 …

…you can’t escape it 😢


You either deal with directly (by discharging and resolving all the unresolved survival responses – using something like Rageheart)…

…or you spend your life dealing with it indirectly:

Anxiety. Depression. A racing mind. Imposter syndrome. Procrastination. Self-doubt. Digestive problems. Autoimmune conditions. Can’t focus on anything. Can’t get anything done. Low self-worth. Poor boundaries. No motivation or energy. Numb. No feeling. Unfulfilling relationships (or staying in relationships that you know are bad for you). Bored out of your brains at work. No sense of purpose or meaning in life. Can’t fall asleep. Can’t stay asleep. Never feel rested no matter how much sleep you get. No anger at all (or way too much!). Burn out. Adrenal fatigue. Overwhelming resistance. And more. MUCH more.

You can trace ALL of these problems back to your nervous system (your past, your trauma, your unresolved survival responses, etc etc) 🤯

Anxiety means you’re perpetually stuck in fight-or-flight or sympathetic activation.

Depression means you’re perpetually stuck in the dorsal vagal portion of your nervous system – the freeze mode.

No motivation and energy points to a blocked or dysfunctional fight response. Healthy aggression is all outta whack (or non-existent).

Not feeling alive points to some amount of dorsal vagal and shut-down (freeze).

Procrastination means you’re stuck in fight-or-flight (hyper vigilant) which makes it hard to focus on your work. If your nervous system thinks a tiger is nearby (or a scary person), it won’t let you settle down to focus. Or you’re stuck in freeze which essentially means your system is preparing to die (instead of get shit done).

Digestive problems and autoimmune conditions often come because the nervous system is all caught up managing a perpetual sympathetic stress response instead of attending to house-keeping tasks like parasympathetic rest and repair.

See what I mean?

You either deal with these things directly (by discharging and resolving all the unresolved survival responses in your body – using something like Rageheart – restoring your nervous system to deep regulation and safety)…

…or you spend your life dealing with it indirectly, in all the ways I listed above (and more).

Which route do you want to take? Direct or indirect?

Here’s the direct path:



John Wood

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