Who Are You?

John Wood, Founder of Rageheart

by John Wood

Who are you?

Are you a mind with a body?

Or are you something else?

Is it even accurate to think of yourself as a mind with a body? 🤔

Is the body simply a vehicle and “you” (as the mind) are the driver?

Back before I stumbled blindly into the world of nervous system healing, the above statements made sense to me.

I would have honestly said I was a mind with a body. The driver of the vehicle.

But now?

Now I don’t even know how to explain what or who I am 😇

The thing is…

The more you work with your nervous system and embodiment, the harder it becomes to define yourself.

A merging happens.

Instead of believing myself to be a mind with a body, it feels like I am a bodymind.

One unit.

Not simply the body.

Not simply the mind.


Or put another way…

You couldn’t think the way you do now if you didn’t have a body…

…and you certainly couldn’t move the way you do without a mind.

Does this make sense?

I know that this sounds like a bunch of mental masturbation or spiritual wankery… but I can assure you that it has serious and profound implications for your life.

For example, if your mind and body are inextricably linked, you can improve the way your mind functions by improving the way your body functions 🤯

This is a big part of what I do with people inside The Rageheart Academy.

Use movement patterns (and specific ways of paying attention) to improve the way their mind works.

Or put another way…

Instead of trying to change your mind, change your body and watch as your mind changes automatically.


Join me:



John Wood

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