How you move is how you think

Here’s something that might be new to you: If you learn to move better, your thinking improves too 💪 I’m talking about… Less “I’m not good enough”… …and more “I’ve got this BABY”. Less burn out, fatigue and smashing 27 coffees to get through your days… …and more efficiency, vitality and taking that snowboarding holiday … Continue reading

you’re out of your mind

It’s what people say when they don’t want to listen. “You’re out of your mind bro.” When it’s a joke, it’s no big deal. Everyone knows you’re not really out of your mind. You’re not really insane. Your cousin Dave is just fucking with you. But sometimes, it’s not a joke. You’re literally out of your mind. You’re no … Continue reading

All Blocked Up? Here’s What NOT To Do About It

Here in Peru, at least in our house, we have a metal strainer over the kitchen sink. The idea is… Stop food from going down the drain to prevent blocked pipes. Most of the time, it works. We wash the dishes, soapy water goes down the drain and food gets caught in the strainer. But … Continue reading