How you move is how you think

John Wood, Founder of Rageheart

by John Wood

Here’s something that might be new to you:

If you learn to move better, your thinking improves too 💪

I’m talking about…

Less “I’m not good enough”…

…and more “I’ve got this BABY”.

Less burn out, fatigue and smashing 27 coffees to get through your days…

…and more efficiency, vitality and taking that snowboarding holiday to Japan.

Less “spilling that coffee “…

…and more “when did you get so good at that?”.

This is a core component of Rageheart… not so much in the beginning, when it’s more focused on basic embodiment skills, but more in the intermediate and advanced training (Rage 19 onwards…).

The movement stuff is one of my favorite parts in Rageheart.

Maybe you can move like this guy?

I had no idea such simple and gentle movements could help rewire not just the body and nervous system but the mind too.

I’m not talking about movements like you might do in yoga…

…or even things like calisthenics or weights or running.

I’m talking about something much subtler and simpler.

Movement so small that if I was watching you do it, I might not even see you moving 😮

When you get better at sensing your movement – how you initiate movements, what stories you tell yourself as you move and even little things like whether or not you hold your breath during different movement patterns – you get better at sensing all the ways you get in your own way in your mind too.

It’s sort of a practice ground.. whereby improvements in your movement fidelity translate into improvements in your “living fidelity”.

See, that’s the thing…

You’re not a mind WITH a body. Nor are you a body with a mind. You are (or have) a bodymind 👀

They’re inextricably linked… that that’s why we can work with the body to work with the mind.

The Western world wants you to think that they’re separate… but this isn’t true at all.

Think about it.

What happens in the mind affects the body… and what happens in the body affects the mind.

That’s why we spend so much time on the body in Rageheart. Because it’s much easier to resolve things in the mind by starting with the body.

That’s where the movement rages inside Rageheart come in.

It’s not enough to simply get better at feeling feelings and noticing how your fight-or-flight response activates and deactivates.

You gotta integrate it with movement too.


If you want to think better by moving better, come join me inside Rageheart.

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John Wood

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