Storm, Zeus and pot plant shits

John Wood, Founder of Rageheart

by John Wood

I’m sitting next to Storm on the couch/sofa/day-bed in my office while listening to Ain’t No Mountain High Enough and gazing at Apu Pitusiray out the window.

Apu Pitusiray 😍

Storm lies on her side in a sort of oval shape with her tail under her feet and one paw resting on her face. The little cutie.

I can’t see Zeus but I’m pretty sure I know where he is 🧐

A few hours ago, I leaned 2 pillows against each other and then threw a cream-coloured fluffy blanket over the top to make a tent or “rave cave” (disco ball not included).

I’m pretty sure that’s where Zeus is.

Clearly, it’s nap time – at least for Storm and Zeus.

They were playing like maniacs only a few hours ago, with Zeus walking in circles around my office desk, onto my keyboard, then onto my mouse pad, then back onto my keyboard, then onto my lap, then back onto my keyboard…

…while Storm had a delightful time making friends with a spider on the wall, tapping it softly on the head, then flicking it across the floor, then watching it run for its life, then tapping it softly again before it disappeared under a black lounge, then putting it in her mouth, dropping it back on the ground, then back in her mouth, then back on the ground, then finally, in her mouth and down her throat (yummmmm spider flesh 🤤)…

…but now they’re both dead to the world.

They piss me off sometimes, these cats, but I also love them dearly ❤️

When they’re shitting in pot plants, strutting across my keyboard as if they own it, scratching me as they attempt to mountaineer their way up my leg or trying to force their head past my hand so they can steal a bite of my lunch or dinner, I’m not so happy with them.

But when they’re soft and cuddly, sitting on my lap while I watch TV or read a book, purring away with their eyes shut, I remember why we got these cats. Why I love cats.

Working with the nervous system and fight-or-flight response works like this too.

When old emotions, sensations and memories surface, it’s often uncomfortable.

In fact, it can be painful, confronting, sometimes boring and even downright terrifying.

But on the other side of the discomfort, pain, boredom and terror is something so magical that it’s all worth it – just like the good times with Zeus and Storm more than make up for all the times they scratch me or walk on my keyboard or shit in the pot plants.

Just like I love Zeus and Storm despite their sometimes-annoying antics, I love the whole approach of working with the nervous system despite the shit it stirs up. I really do. More than 3 years into it, I still can’t get enough of it.

I’ll often find myself wondering, especially after a big release…

How the hell do people get through life without these tools?

In my experience (sadly), the answer is:

They don’t.

Or more accurately, they might get through life… but since they don’t know how to regulate their nervous system and fight-or-flight response in a healthy way, they often turn to alcohol, sex or porn, achievement, money, shopping, drugs, smoking, fitness, addictions and more to feel normal and sane.

Anyway, Zeus and Storm said to say hi – and to sign up to Rageheart if you want to know how to work directly with your nervous system to regulate and disarm the fight-or-flight response (and stuck freeze responses too).

Zeus said to click this link if you’re interested:


And Storm said if you’re already a member and feeling the impulse to get uncomfortable so you can get even more comfortable afterwards, hit the “Sign In” link on that page and get uncomfortable.

John Wood

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