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It’s harder than I expected, but once I got used to it… it silenced my mind like never before.

Testimonial from Logan Hobson

Logan Hobson



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The self-help industry is broken

If meditation, gratitude lists, breathwork, talk therapy, life coaching and $49 Moleskine journals actually worked, why are most people still so stressed?

Why is it so hard to stop thinking for a few moments?

Why are so many people unhappy, unfulfilled and unsatisfied in life?

Because they’re not looking at the real problem:

Nervous system dysregulation.

Get unstuck and out of survival mode

Inside The Rageheart Academy, you’ll get your nervous system unstuck and out of survival mode so you can stop feeling stuck, tired, miserable and so freaking stressed.

Since it focuses on the underlying dysregulation in the nervous system, it can replace meditation, gratitude lists, journaling and so much more…

…but if you continue to do these things, they’ll only be easier, more fun and more powerful after The Rageheart Academy.

The Rageheart Academy has given me a few EASY tools to use throughout the day to get from a DEFCON 5 to a 4… or a 3… without having to meditate for an hour.

Jack Campbell Testimonial, from Elevated Consulting

Jack Campbell

Elevated Consulting

I have spent 30 years trying every meditation technique out there and nothing has helped me like The Rageheart Academy has over the last five months. (not years)!!

Gayla E Testimonial



The Rageheart Academy works 10x better than meditation for me. It’s harder than I expected, but once I got used to it… it silenced my mind like never before.

Testimonial from Logan Hobson

Logan Hobson


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In this free lesson, experience the amazing benefits of nervous system work for yourself (without risking a cent).

Silence your mind like never before, relax your body and unleash the beast inside you.

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Here’s how The Rageheart Academy works

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Silence your mind like never before

Benefits that will rock your world

Most tools for quieting the mind and body either don’t work or don’t last. That’s why The Rageheart Academy shows you how to work at the root level: your nervous system

Chill Your Beans, Brain Edition

Think of your mind as a parrot that repeats everything your nervous system squawks. Get the squawking to simmer down, and bam! Your brain’s as quiet as a mime at a library.

Body Like a Noodle

Ever noticed your muscles on high alert like they’re prepping for a zombie apocalypse? That’s your nerves talking. Offer them a safety blanket and you’re as relaxed as a cat in a sunbeam.

Snooze Like a Log

A silent mind plus a noodle-soft body equals sleep so good, you’ll forget what tossing and turning means… even if you’ve been wrestling with your pillow like it owes you money for years.

Laser-Sharp Focus

Turns out, making your nervous system feel snug as a bug means your brain can stop playing “What If” and start focusing like a cat watching a laser pointer.

Feeling the Vibes

Learning to tune back into your feelings? It’s like going from black and white to full-blown 4K Ultra HD life. Feel alive in more than just theory – like, guts-and-all alive.

Mission: Possible

You’ve got dreams, ambitions, a secret superhero identity, maybe? The key is to let that gut feeling guide you, not just your overthinking noggin.

Supercharges Your Zen Kit

The Rageheart Academy can replace meditation and various other tools… or it can enhance them like nothing else.

Squad Goals

Feeling like a lone wolf? Not on our watch. Slide into our DMs via Email and WhatsApp for all the backup you need.

Guaranteed to work – or your money back

Doubting Thomas? Join the club.

Who in their right mind boasts that their gig is the bees’ knees, better than meditation, yoga, and your grandma’s secret stress remedy combined?

To sweeten the pot and ease your furrowed brow, we’re slinging a 30-day guarantee so bold it should wear a cape:

We guarantee you’ll silence your mind like never before – or we’ll hand your cash back (applies for 30 days).

No fuss, no muss, just your money doing the boomerang back to your wallet.

100% Money Back Guarantee

See what members say

The tools and frameworks inside The Rageheart Academy change lives. How will they change yours?

Rageheart is honestly a game-changer. It beats all the other tools out there because it helps you get to the root of what you’re feeling so you can release it. 10/10 most effective program I’ve found in the mental health space by far!

Testimonial from Emily


Massage Therapist

Only by doing your Rageheart Academy has my nervous system calmed down enough to allow functioning at a level not known for decades. I stand in awe of what can happen if we just listen to our bodies.

Testimonial from Maria, Doctor of Audiology


Doctor of Audiology

Who knew that by focusing on your body it would help me get out of my head and process accumulated tension in my body? It’s so simple yet genius! Now I understand what people mean when they say BE YOURSELF!

David Ducatenzeiler testimonial

David Ducatenzeiler

Product Manager

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question or concern that wasn’t addressed on the page? It’s probably included here… or you can get in touch here.

The Rageheart Academy is for people who want to silence their mind like never before without meditation, gratitude lists, journaling or any of the usual self-help tools that get thrown around.

If you want to be healthier and happier and the usual self-help tools aren’t working for you, this course is for you. It will give you a powerful, new way to deal with your shit.

If you’re already healthy, happy, fulfilled, motivated and ON FIRE for your life, this course probably isn’t for you.


Because it sounds like you’re already pretty well regulated in your nervous system.

If you’re not willing to feel into your body (which includes feeling a lot of uncomfortable “stuff”), this course also isn’t for you. It’s a beautiful journey but as I’ve said elsewhere, it’s not for the faint of heart.

It’s also not a magic bullet so if that’s what you want, this course is not for you. It takes hard work, consistency and endless curiosity.

Lastly, if you still believe your mind is the real/root problem, this course is not for you.

Regulating your nervous system helps with all kinds of problems because your Autonomic Nervous System is at the CORE of everything you do.

The Rageheart Academy will help you overcome:

  • Negative thoughts
  • Always feeling tired or numb
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Procrastination
  • Self-sabotage
  • No passion for anything
  • Hyper-reactive to triggers
  • Relentless inner critic
  • Always on edge
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Difficulty making decisions
  • Constant brain fog
  • Burn out
  • Too much or too little anger
  • Can’t think clearly
  • Terrified to feel feelings
  • Addictions (alcohol, porn, food, etc)
  • Always shut down
  • Digestive problems
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • And much more


You can get in touch with me, John Wood, the founder of Rageheart at any time.

…or use the red button in the bottom-right corner of this page to message me on WhatsApp. Yes. You can message me anytime on WhatsApp too.

The foundation of The Rageheart Academy is a series of 60 “Rages” that’ll take you at least 90 days to complete.

Each Rage is an audio lesson. They start at 10 minutes each and towards the end, they’re roughly 30 minutes each. They start easy and gradually get more advanced as you continue.

There’s nothing to watch and you don’t need to take notes. Simply hit play (with or without headphones), pay attention and follow along as I guide you through how to work with your nervous system and survival response.

Unlike most online programs, you can’t binge-listen to the Rages.

You get 1 rage a day and you don’t get the next Rage until you complete the Rage before it. Sometimes, you’ll need wait 2-3 days for the next rage… and twice, you’ll need to wait a whole week.

This is intentional.

It’s designed to make you slow down and integrate what you’re learning. It’s also why it’ll take you at least 90 days to complete all 60 Rages.

In addition to the 60 Rages, you also get:

  • 1-on-1 welcome call with John Wood, the founder of Rageheart
  • 1 monthly Rumble (a live 60-minute class on Zoom)
  • Access to all past Rumble recordings
  • Access to all gamification features (experience points, celebrations, action tasks and more)
  • Unlimited support via email and WhatsApp

All in all, there is enough to keep you busy for at least 3-4 months, if not much longer than that. Most people take at least 1 year to get through everything.