Podcast On Rage, Murder and Non-Stop Motivation

John Wood, Founder of Rageheart

by John Wood

When I recorded this podcast with my sister Ellie (on the Sex, Money & Rage podcast), I felt quite nervous about it.

We talked about murdering abusers (no, not in real life), the light and dark side of anger as well as how rage relates to motivation and drive 🔥😡

I felt like it was going to be a heavy episode… hard to listen to and not too much fun. Intense. Serious. Etc.

But when Ellie edited it, she said it came out much better than we expected.

Plus, we threw in enough bad jokes for a Comedy Festival run by Dads (please don’t murder us – the jokes aren’t THAT bad 🤣).

Anyway, if you’d like to learn more about anger, rage and motivation from a nervous system perspective, check out this episode of the Sex, Money and Rage podcast with Ellie Goode here:

Beast Mode — Expressing Anger in a Healthy Way, Annihilating Your Enemies, Being Embodied, How to Stop Thinking and Get Into Flow State and More – #25

Raging like a Rager 😡


John Wood

P.S. Know anyone who struggles with anger or motivation?

Send them a link to this podcast and give them a surprising new way to deal with their anger and reclaim their motivation and drive.


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