I’m just not an angry person (yeah, right 🙄)

John Wood, Founder of Rageheart

by John Wood

Back when I lived in Thailand, I dated a girl named Tron (like the movie).

That wasn’t her real name… it’s just what she told Westerners to call her (because her real name was too damn hard for most Westerners to pronounce):


The exact translation is probably closer to “Thon” than “Tron” but when spoken correctly, it also comes with a tonal inflection so as to differentiate it from her sister’s similar but also different name:


That’s why she told people to call her “Tron”. Because most non-Thais could never pronounce the tone correctly.

Welcome to The Land Of Smiles (aka. Thailand) 😁 

Anyway, after we’d dated for a few months she asked me:

Do you ever get angry?

I remember telling her:

“No, I’m just not an angry person.”

I really believed it too.

I generally never lost my cool. I never exploded. I never felt like I was angry with anyone.

Worse yet…

I thought that was a GOOD thing!

How wrong I was 🤦‍♂️

See, after I discovered the nervous system approach to healing, I realised that I did get angry.

In fact, within 2 weeks of beginning to use these tools, I remember feeling absolute rage in the depths of my being (due to some insane shit that was happening at the time).

But instead of denying the anger like I had in the past, I let it rip through me like a hurricane on meth.

It’s funny looking back.

I thought I wasn’t an angry guy when in reality, I was just really good at hiding my anger from myself.

Maybe that doesn’t sound like a big deal to you because you’ve been brainwashed to think that anger is bad or dangerous.

That’s certainly what I believed at the time.

But without my anger, I was vulnerable.

That’s one of the beautiful things about anger.

It’s there to keep us safe.

It alerts us to danger. To bad people who are trying to manipulate us. To threats in our environment.

It also helps us get shit done because it helps us blast through the inevitable resistance that pops up.

It’s a beautiful thing, anger… but it CAN also be dangerous.

It’s like fire:

You can use it to cook a meal…

…or you can use it to burn someone alive.

The key is knowing HOW to work with anger.

That’s where Rage 41 and 43 inside Rageheart come in.

You discover the power of healthy aggression – the energy that drives the fight impulse (as opposed to the flight impulse).

This leads to a far healthier relationship with your anger:

Not too much anger… nor too little.

The perfect amount.

Once you’ve built and cultivated that connection, you get more done, take less shit and become far more unfuckwithable. You stop letting Cecile from the Soul Doctors (🤮) make you feel like you are the problem.

This is also yet ANOTHER reason why meditation and all the other self-help bandaids have nothing on Rageheart:

They don’t teach you how to work with your anger in a visceral, experiential, EXPRESSIVE way.

Usually the best they can do is teach you to “sit with it” or “breath through it”. 

However, that usually just leads to more suppression and disconnection.

If you want to master your anger and aggression in the healthiest, safest way possible, roar your way into Rageheart when it opens on Dec 15 (next week).

If you’re already a member and feeling that beastly, aggressive impulse (Rage 9), smash the “Sign In” link on the page below and get raging:


John Wood

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