Hunted By Poached Eggs 🍳

John Wood, Founder of Rageheart

by John Wood

When an Arabian gazelle escapes from a cheetah, does it make a list of what it’s grateful for?

When a Peruvian climbing mouse escapes from Zeus or Storm (one of our cats), does it whip out its $49 Moleskine journal to process the experience?

When a Siberian tiger escapes from a hunter, does it sit down to meditate the fear and trauma away? 🧘‍♂️

Wild animals stare down the barrel of death every day of their lives. They could be shot. Eaten alive. Mauled and left for the vultures.

And yet according to Peter A. Levine, PhD, with doctorates in biophysics and psychology and the best-selling author of Waking The Tiger:

Though routinely threatened animals in the wild are rarely traumatized… while people are often traumatized by seemingly ordinary experiences.

When’s the last time you were chased by a tiger?

Hunted by poached eggs (sorry… “poachers”)? 🍳

Toyed with by a cat who is 20 times bigger than you?

What’s that?


Me neither.

So why do we need gratitude lists, journaling and meditation to calm ourselves down and feel ok?

Why can’t we just study animals and figure out why they don’t get traumatized, stressed out and neurotic like humans do? 🤔

It turns out…

We’ve already figured it out (thanks to people like Peter A. Levine).

That’s what the nervous system approach to healing is all about.

Reactivating long-lost (beastly) instincts for regulating stress and managing emotions (that wild animals do naturally).

That’s why I say “unleash the beast” so much in these emails and inside The Rageheart Academy.

Because it’s about unleashing the animalistic side of you that knows how to stay healthy, happy and whole even when you’re chased by tigers, hunted by egg poachers or yelled at by your boss, your friends or Karen from Human Resources.

Want to see how the animalistic side of you responds to stress? 🤩

You know what to do…



John Wood

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