Cocaine, cigarettes and social media

John Wood, Founder of Rageheart

by John Wood

I just rolled and stretched out my sore, aching muscles with a red lacrosse ball on the back porch ⚾️

Where the rolling happens + Adyashatmypants posing 💃

Every morning, I aim for 15 minutes.

I don’t always do it… but I know if I do it at least every 4 days in 5, I’ll feel better, I’ll be more flexible (physically AND mentally) and my day will run smoother.

Everyone knows what stretching is… but rolling out your muscles with a lacrosse ball?

It’s basically a self-administered massage 😌

I put the ball under my hamstrings or glutes or quads or triceps, apply pressure and then move around slowly, massaging out any knots or sore spots.

While I stretch and roll out different spots each day, it’s honestly pretty repetitive.

That’s means it’s not super exciting… but hey, I do it anyway because I know I feel so much better for it 😍

It’s a lot like working with your nervous system actually… except when it comes to the nervous system, instead of physical knots in your muscles, the knots are self-doubt, fear and anger. Imposter syndrome and self-sabotage. Not being able to fall or stay asleep (or sleeping loads but never feeling rested). Digestive problems. Racing thoughts. Procrastination. Not following through on your goals and plans. Not standing up for yourself. Poor boundaries.

Just like with physical knots and tightness in the muscles, we have to “roll out” and “stretch” the nervous system to get rid of the knots and tightness in the nervous system 💪

And just like with rolling and stretching out your muscles, rolling and stretching out the nervous system isn’t always exciting or fun.

It’s not like cocaine, cigarettes or social media.

You do it because it’s good for you… because in the long-run it makes you happier, healthier and wiser… not because you get a dopamine rush every time you practice.

That’s what Rageheart is all about:

It’s not always fun or exciting but as you gradually roll and stretch out all the knots and tension, you discover just how life changing it is to have a healthy nervous system 🥳

Ready to roll out?



John Wood

P.S. Know anyone who needs to roll and stretch out their nervous system so they stop reacting to everything? So they stop thinking so damn much?

Refer them to https://www.rageheart.co/ and help them build a strong, resilient and unfuckwithable nervous system.

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