How to not rage-quit your job

A couple days ago, I received the following email from beastly rager Sonam. It’s about an intensely triggering experience he had at work that led to him almost rage-quitting his job… and how he handled it (quite beautifully). Here’s Sonam: The week before last I was moving steadily through my rages at my own pace. Practicing feeling awareness throughout … Continue reading

Primal pee shivers (but more intense)

I just wrapped up a welcome call with a new Rager who told me about a primal shiver he had in the first 10 minutes of Rageheart 😮 How’s that for quick results? You might be wondering… Who wants a primal shiver? What’s the point of that Jawwwwwwwwwn? The big deal is this… In the … Continue reading