Bloody Murder

John Wood, Founder of Rageheart

by John Wood

I walked into the house the other day and ran straight into a crime scene.

Blood on the floor.

Body parts all over the place.

A leg here…

…an arm there.



Yes, that’s right.

Zeus (or was it Storm!?) had killed a bird and torn it apart limb from limb, feather from feather, before leaving the bloody mess to take a leisurely nap upstairs in my office.


It happens a few times a month.

One of the kitties brings a bird or a mouse or a tiny little lizard into house… and they then proceed to play with it for a while (as cats like to do 🤷‍♂️).

But I’m onto them!

In fact, I found a gorgeous cat collar that’s apparently proven to dramatically reduce the number of birds cats bring home (see the picture at the top of page).

Isn’t it pretty?

Zeus and Storm will be the talk of the neighbourhood cats (and the show-stoppers at the next pussy party 👯‍♂️)

This way, they can hunt to their heart’s content… but they’ll catch less prey… which is good for all the beautiful local birds (like the Hummingbirds that love to swing by our garden for a few sips of the flowers).

Everyone wins!

The cats can express their aggression without hurting anyone…

…and the birds (and hopefully the mice and lizards too) can feast in our garden.

​The Rageheart Academy works a little like this too.

For example, if your aggression or fight response is all outta whack, you’ll kill birds, mice and lizards as often as you can (ie. hurt the people around you)…

…but you’ve got tools for regulating your fight response and aggression energy, you won’t need to kill birds, mice and lizards (or hurt people) to settle your system down.

The best part?

You don’t need to wear a funny rainbow collar around your neck (though if you ask nicely, I’ll send you one when you sign up to The Rageheart Academy 😏).

Regulate your nervous system here:



John Wood

P.S. Know anyone who kills too many birds, mice and lizards (and hurts people around them with their mismanaged emotions)?

Refer them to The Daily Growl (this email newsletter) and give them some sweet new tools for redirecting their healthy aggression (and fear, shame, etc) into healthy outlets.

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