You can’t think your way to calm

I’m editing this week’s podcast episode with psychedelic embodiment coach Kat Courtney (from The Plant Medicine People) and she said something fascinating: “We can’t think our way to a calmer nervous system.” That is… Going from fight-or-flight mode (where most people live) to rest-and-digest mode (the promised land) isn’t about thinking 🤨 Sure, thinking helps you … Continue reading

Gazelle Babes With Long, Lithe Legs Are The Best

Yesterday, I told a story about Bob the gazelle. He gets chased (and captured!) by Mary the cheetah and almost becomes her lunch. But then… Baz the hungry hyena appears. Baz wants Mary’s lunch and he’s going to do whatever he can to get it. Luckily for Bob the gazelle, when Baz appears, Mary has … Continue reading