You are a plant

John Wood, Founder of Rageheart

by John Wood

On my recent psychedelic plant medicine dieta, my maestro/teacher Felix said something interesting.

He told us to spend our day observing nature and see what we can learn 🌄

The sky, mountains and wind.

The plants, flowers and trees.

The birds and the bees.

According to Felix, this is where the Shipibo people derive a lot of their learnings during dieta. Instead of looking for some magical insight coming from some “plant spirit” somewhere, simply start looking around you.

He meant for us to do this during dieta but it wasn’t until a week ago that it started clicking for me.

That’s when I realised that I could look at everything the way I might look at a plant.

For example, regulating your nervous system (like we do in Rageheart) is like planting a seedling in your garden.

When you first plant it, there are no flowers, only a couple of leaves and it’s TINY 🌱

And even if you water it on that first day, you’re not going to notice any changes on that first day.

Or the second day.

Or the third.

In fact, depending on what plant you’ve planted, it might be weeks (or months!) before you start seeing serious growth.

The same is true of nervous system work – in the beginning, it can seem like nothing is happening.

You can sign up to Rageheart, use the techniques and then feel frustrated because it’s “not working” after a few days.

But would you think the same way if you planted a tiny little rose bush in your garden?

Would you give up on it if you didn’t see any changes after 3 days? 1 week? 1 month?

Probably not 🤷‍♂️

That’s the thing with plants – they grow on their own schedule ⏰

You can put them in the perfect place in terms of sunlight and shade.

You can water them on the ideal schedule.

You can add fertiliser and special soil and prune unhealthy leaves.

You can do ALL THE THINGS and yet the plant still grows at whatever rate it grows at.

It can’t be rushed or forced.

You can’t make it grow faster than it grows.

All you can do is provide the right conditions for growth – light, water and nutrients – and then step back and be patient.

Working with your nervous system is exactly the same.

Just like with a garden, all you can do is provide the right conditions for growth – light, water and nutrients – and then step back and be patient.

If you keep it up for long enough (sometimes without seeing much in the way of results), you’ll even see beautiful flowers one day.

Recently spotted in my garden.

When it comes to your nervous system, the “flowers” are an increased sense of aliveness, more purpose and passion in your life, better sleep and digestion, more happiness and a deep, profound connection to who and what you actually are (not who you think you are).

That’s Rageheart 🤘

Light, water and nutrients for growing the “garden” of your nervous system (so you can feel more alive than ever before, remember who you are and unleash the beast inside you).

If you’re ready to grow some flowers in your nervous system – and you’re willing to do the work consistently while also being patient – hit the link below and sign up for a free trial today:


Already a member and longing for more “nervous system flowers” in your life? Hit the “Sign In” link on that page, grab your gardening gloves and tend your garden to your heart’s content.


John Wood

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