Why can’t I focus and concentrate?

John Wood, Founder of Rageheart

by John Wood

According to the emerging science of nervous system healing, one of the main reasons people struggle to focus and concentrate is nervous system dysregulation.

This means that your nervous system is stuck in some amount of fight, flight or freeze.

In other words…

Your nervous system feels unsafe at present and wants to either run away, attack or prepare to die.

“I ain’t scared…”

If your nervous system feels unsafe and it’s preparing to run away, attack or die, do you think it’s going to let you concentrate on that work project?

Of course not.

If a black panther chased you through the Amazon jungle, would you be able to sit down and concentrate on that work project?

Hell no.

You’d be too busy trying not to get eaten by the panther.

That’s what’s happening to most people who can’t concentrate, except instead of a shiny black panther with razor sharp fangs, the threat is a shitty boss, abusive partner, bad drivers on the road to work, a government that doesn’t live up to its promises, a bank account with barely enough money to cover rent this month, a snarky comment from Karen in Human Resources or any of a million other “threats”.

But get this:

The threat isn’t the core issue. Soothing and settling the nervous system is.

Because if you know how to soothe and settle (ie. regulate) your nervous system and fight-flight-freeze response, you can bring yourself out of fight-or-flight mode and into relaxation and safety… freeing up enormous amounts of energy to GET SHIT DONE.

Before I learned how to soothe and settle my nervous system in healthy ways (by understanding how the nervous system actually works), I was forced to use negative coping mechanisms to regulate instead – procrastination, self-sabotage, endless scrolling on social media, porn and so much more.

But now?

Settling my system is as simple as looking out the window of my office 💪

Here’s how I do it:



John Wood

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