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John Wood, Founder of Rageheart

by John Wood

I was on the phone to my buddy Rob this morning while walking through the corn fields here in Peru.

(The corn’s about 3 feet high and it’s EVERYWHERE… so it’s green fields in every direction until you hit the mountains. Pretty damn gorgeous!)

It was one of Rob and I’s usual chats.


Lots of jokes.

And him complaining about the sound of lip smacking when on the phone with people 🤷‍♂️

You know the sound, right?

It’s the sound of someone eating on the phone.

I don’t mind it tbh… but Rob?

He HATES it with a vengeance.

If you eat on the phone with him, prepare for an ear thrashing.


Right before I hung up, I said…

“Alright, time to go bang out some shit.”

Now –

I was referring to my work but of course… Rob turned it into a sex joke.

And so, I turned it into my subject line for today’s Daily Rage.

The question is…

What does banging have to do with Rageheart?

Well, as it turns out…

Rageheart is ALL about banging 😈

First of all, there’s the fact that when you regulate your nervous system, you end up with more energy to “bang shit out”.

In other words, you have more energy to get shit done.

There’s also the fact that you become more assertive. Tougher. Stronger boundaries. You stop putting up with shit from people. You stop people-pleasing. You stop putting everyone else first and start putting YOU first.

That’s pretty bangin’ if you ask me.

Finally, there’s also the curious fact that your autonomic nervous system (“ANS” for short) controls sexual arousal.

In other words…

If your ANS is out of whack due to stored survival stress from years and decades gone by, you might have some sexual issues.

Lack of sex drive perhaps.

Or hell, way too much sex drive (is that even a thing?).

And if you’re a dude, you might find it hard to get erections or suffer from premature ejaculation.


Therefore –

If you get your nervous system ducks in a row (using the bangin’ tools inside Rageheart), you’ll get better at banging.

Like actual banging.

Not just “banging out shit” productivity banging.

Nor simply “not putting up with shit” assertive banging.

SEX banging.

Cool, right?

Who would’ve thought “feeling feelings” would make sex better?

But there you have it.

One more reason why I am in LOVE with the nervous system approach to healing.


If you wanna bang more often…

If you want your banging to be better…

…with less anxiety, shame and fear…

If you want it to last longer…

…and if you want bigger bang-gasms (my new word for “orgasms”)…

…then you clearly need some Rageheart in your life.

Sign up when it opens next week so we can bang.

If you’re already a member and feeling the impulse (Rage 9), hit the sign in link and bang out a Rage today:



John “Bang Bang” Wood

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