The Time I Got Sucked Into A Weird Mushroom Cult (Part 2)

John Wood, Founder of Rageheart

by John Wood

I was in Thailand at the time, where some spiritual clowns had told me I was Hitler and a bunch of other really weird shit.

One of my favourite places to go walking in Chiang Mai.

To make matters worse, it happened when I was tripping on magic mushrooms.

I told the story in yesterday’s Daily Rage… so if you want to know all the wet, juicy details, go read that email.

I finished the email by talking about how I’d just learned how to drop into my body (instead of staying stuck in my mind).

When that happened, all of a sudden, I felt rage like I’d never felt before.

That’s when I realised what my body had been saying to me the whole time:

“Dude, these turd burgers are fucked. Time to GTFO before it’s too late.”

My body had been talking to me the whole time.

Not in words but in feelings.

And to be honest, it saved my life.

If not for that, hell…

I might still be wandering around Thailand with those pasty little douche nuggets, dressed in white, wearing mala beads and telling everyone to “stay with the light” (yes, they actually behaved like this 🤮).

The moral of the story?

Don’t underestimate your emotions or your body.

There is immense power in everything you feel.

And when I say “everything”, I mean…


You just gotta learn how to first feel it and then harness it.

That’s where Rageheart comes in.

Unlike most approaches to healing and personal growth, it’s not about changing your stories about yourself or your life.

It’s not about thinking more. Analysing more. Journaling more.

It’s about getting in touch with your primal self.

The part of you that feels.

The instinctive and intuitive part.

The beast within.

It’s about learning how to harness that beast and tap into its immense wisdom.

Now –

Rageheart is currently closed to new members… however, I’m opening it up this coming Thursday (the 20th of October).

It’ll be open for 4 days and I’m letting 5 new people into the “dungeon” (a nickname for Rageheart that I’m toying with).

To help you decide whether to join us, I’m hosting a live Q&A call on Wednesday at 4pm Central time.

Here’s the link to join (it won’t work until 4pm CT Wednesday): https://us06web.zoom.us/j/88519189745?pwd=KzhhejI1Q29TZ0JZZW85SmhmN3drQT09​

If you’re thinking of joining me inside Rageheart but you have some questions you’d like answered first, come to the Q&A call. Or hey, just reply to this email.


John Wood

P.S. Let this story be a cautionary tale about psychedelics and plant medicine.

While I know psychedelics and plant medicines (like magic mushrooms) can be life-changing beyond anything I can describe with words, there’s a lot of weird (and dangerous) people out there who use them too.

So if, like me, you decide to venture into the world of psychedelics and plant medicine, keeps your wits about you, look out for red flags and learn how to hear the wisdom of your body – because it’s your body that’ll ultimately protect you.

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