The 3-foot deep “sea” of glass bottles

John Wood, Founder of Rageheart

by John Wood

I waded into the kitchen last night after dinner and saw glass bottles EVERYWHERE 😳

I say “waded” because it was like wading into the ocean, except instead of water, it was a 3-foot deep “sea” of glass bottles (thankfully, the bottles were unbroken).

There were glass bottles on the floor…

…glass bottles on all the benches, shelves and table…

…glass bottles on the ceiling (don’t ask 🙃)…

…and Adyashatmypants in the middle of it all with 23 glass bottles stacked like firewood in her arms and an innocent look on her face.

That night in our kitchen.

“What in the world are you doing?”, I asked. “Your eyes look a little glassy…”

She laughed and looked away.

“I’m filling up my water bottles”, she squeaked.

“Why do you have so many though? I thought you already have a water bottle. Look! I can see it over there on the bench.”

Adyashatmypants said nothing but continued filling up one of her bottles at the water tank.

But instead of filling up her next bottle at the water tank, she poured the water from the bottle she’d just filled into her plastic bottle – the bottle she uses as her water bottle during the day.

“Ummm. Why are you pouring the water from one bottle into another one? Why not just fill the second bottle up at the water tank?”

She hesitated. Did she really not realise what she was doing? Maybe she didn’t get the message (in the bottle)? 📝

“I’m just in the habit of doing it this way”, she replied while trying not to laugh.

The water tank is a new addition to the kitchen.

Before we had the tank, Adyashatmypants boiled her water (to kill parasites and pathogens – a big problem here in Peru) and then put it in all the glass bottles (to the extent that our fridge was nothing but glass bottles of water 💧).

Then we got the tank and Adyashatmypants no longer needed to boil her water or do her thing with the glass bottles…

…but she stuck to the old way out of habit and made life harder on herself 😮‍💨

People do the same when it comes to the nervous system.

They cling to the old way – meditation, gratitude journals, talk therapy, breath work and life coaching – when there is a whole new way to work with stress, the mind and the nervous system.

That’s not to say that meditation and gratitude and all the old stuff isn’t sometimes necessary – just like how Adyashatmypants still uses her glass bottles sometimes (including the ones on the ceiling).

It’s simply to say that it’s 2023… and that there are some incredible new (and for now, little-known) tools for working with the mind, the body, the stress response and the nervous system 💪

Get started with the new tools here:



John Wood

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