How To Weather ANY Storm

how to weather any storm

Imagine a tree 🌳 Now imagine some wind. The wind blows but the tree – if it’s a strong tree – stays put. Clouds come and the wind picks up… …but the tree stays put. Rain falls… …but the tree stays put. Thunder, lightning and snow assault the tree, blanket the ground and threaten to … Continue reading

Hunted By Poached Eggs 🍳

When an Arabian gazelle escapes from a cheetah, does it make a list of what it’s grateful for? When a Peruvian climbing mouse escapes from Zeus or Storm (one of our cats), does it whip out its $49 Moleskine journal to process the experience? When a Siberian tiger escapes from a hunter, does it sit down … Continue reading

How to think like a cat (or a tree)

Do cats think? Do trees worry? Do mountains fret over whether they’re good enough to be a sausage entrepreneur or a mother of five or an Oscar-winning actor? You can learn a lot observing nature. Just this morning, I watched one of our kittens Zeus as he ate his breakfast (trout paté, kibble and deliciously … Continue reading

Unleash your pussy

Zeus and Storm continue to amaze me. Just last night, I was sitting outside on the veranda while watching the sunset when along comes Zeus (or was it Storm?), gliding through the grass without a sound despite the fact that it was basically dark. No rustling the grass. No stepping on twigs or leaves to alert their … Continue reading

Storm, Zeus and pot plant shits

I’m sitting next to Storm on the couch/sofa/day-bed in my office while listening to Ain’t No Mountain High Enough and gazing at Apu Pitusiray out the window. Storm lies on her side in a sort of oval shape with her tail under her feet and one paw resting on her face. The little cutie. I can’t see … Continue reading

When Storm stole a bite from Kano’s bowl

Storm crept a little closer to Kano’s food bowl, nippling at the scraps on the floor, taking her time. Kano watched her carefully without moving a muscle. Was this the day? Was Kano really going to let Storm (a tiny kitten) eat her food? She made it to Kano’s food bowl, sniffing around the edges … Continue reading