NOT for the easily offended 🙅‍♂️

First, a warning… If you’re easily offended, DO NOT read this email (or listen to the podcast it refers to). The topics it talks about… well, let’s just say that they’re a little risqué 😈 That means simply mentioning the topics in this email is liable to ruffle some feathers – so if your feathers … Continue reading

get it out, GET IT OUT!!! (Rageheart is OPEN)

So first things first… Rageheart is NOW accepting new members 🥳🎉🎉🎉 (for 4 days only) Sign up today to unleash the beast inside you without self-help bandaids like meditation, $49 Moleskine journals and airy-fairy gratitude lists: Now, about that bizarre subject line… Imagine you’d never tried an inflatable butt plug (or hell, put anything … Continue reading

Sex Rooms, Butt Plugs And Rageheart

I’ve recently been watching How To Build A Sex Room on Netflix. It’s a solid show. It has it’s ups and downs (😚) but it’s funny, heart-warming and altogether brilliant. In the show, interior designer Melanie Rose designs sex rooms (aka. “erotic renovations”) for couples. During her consultation with each couple, she always brings a … Continue reading