Toe separators, Maca root and the nervous system

Last night in the kitchen, my roommate Sean announced he was getting toe separators from his yoga teacher Steve. I asked him why. “I want to separate my toes”, he replied. Oh. Is that what toe separators are for? Separating toes? I had no idea 🤦‍♂️ This is classic Sean. He likes to answer questions … Continue reading

The Day Sean Got Hit In The Face With A “Snow” Ball

The other day, we had a snowball fight. In Peru. Where it’s hot, dry and never snows. I know, right. Crazy. But yeah… It happened 🤷 Here’s how the snowball fight went down: Ellie bought some rice from the local tienda on the main road (“tienda” is Spanish for “store”). She brought it home. Cooked … Continue reading