The Weird Power of Curiosity

Somatic Experiencing and the power of curiosity and tracking sensations

Before Emily started working with her nervous system and survival response, she was clinically depressed and anxious. She had regular panic attacks. She hated her life. In fact, she was so miserable and unhappy that she considered killing herself numerous times 😳 It got so bad that she had to quit her corporate job in … Continue reading

Why is something always missing?

I looked at my bearded friend Rob and inhaled from my Cuban cigar. We were at the Chedi, a luxury boutique hotel tucked away on the shores of the Ping River in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Candlelight danced across the marble table between us and created interesting shadows and colours as it passed through our glasses … Continue reading

Put a pink Hello Kitty bandaid on it

Back in 2018, I spent a night in a Thai hospital. I’d injured myself doing shoulder stands on the gymnastics rings at GoGym Chiang Mai. I’m sure it looked cool to all the people on the treadmills as they watched… …but it also gave me a hernia 😭 (A hernia is a tear in the … Continue reading

Your racing mind is NOT the problem

It’s a symptom of a deeper issue. What issue? Nervous system dysregulation. What’s that? A nervous system that’s all outta whack. Why’s it out of whack? Stress from years and decades gone by. Emotions that weren’t expressed. Sensations that weren’t felt. Memories that weren’t acknowledged. It’s all the times you wanted to run away but … Continue reading

Change your flesh sack to change your computer

Way back before I discovered the nervous system approach to unleashing the beast, I did what everyone else does: I did everything I could to control my computer (aka. my mind). I remember meditating beside the lake at Chiang Mai University in Thailand. I’d close my eyes and do my best to focus on my … Continue reading

Safety, kisses and inflatable butt plugs 🍆

I was in Cusco recently for a Tinder date and it got me thinking… Dating is ALL about safety, kisses and inflatable butt plugs 🍆 With kisses, it’s obvious. Whether we like a little tongue or not, we all want to kiss and be kissed. Then there’s inflatable butt plugs. Admittedly, they’re not everyone’s cup … Continue reading

I know you like to procrastinate

And yet… I also know you hate it. You wish you could stop stalking your ex on social media, refreshing Gmail 281 times a day and checking YouTube for celebrity interviews and funny cat videos. You wish you could just focus on that project that’s important to you instead. I mean, it’s REAL important to … Continue reading


The fight or flight response is an amazing thing. It keeps us safe in so many ways. A threat appears and we either run away to safety and fight the threat off. However, it’s meant to be short-lived. We meant to go into it and then back out of it. We’re not meant to get … Continue reading