How To Release Anger Physically In A Healthy Way

How To Release Anger Physically In A Healthy Way

If you want to know how to release anger physically in a healthy way, this is the article for you. It all starts with a story about how I murdered my beanie today. (Or as Canadians say… “tuque”) Seriously. Approximately 17 minutes ago, I tried to break my beanie’s soft, fluffy neck 😳 It started … Continue reading

NEW podcast on psychedelics, manipulation and rage

A couple months ago, Martin Ball at The Entheogenic Evolution podcast interviewed me. We talk about psychedelics and entheogens, manipulation and gaslighting by psychedelic facilitators and the benefits of embodiment, emotion and aggression (as well as why common tools like meditation, gratitude lists and journaling are outdated at best). ​>> Check it out here​ Martin … Continue reading

NEW podcast on Sex, Money & Rage

Adyashatmypants is back, this time with her very own podcast… …with the provocative title of Sex, Money & Rage and a non-stop flow of bad jokes, weird puns and unconventional guests (like one of the highest paid sex workers in the world). Since we’re family (as well as the fact that she has the obviously enlightened spiritual … Continue reading

I’m just not an angry person (yeah, right 🙄)

Back when I lived in Thailand, I dated a girl named Tron (like the movie). That wasn’t her real name… it’s just what she told Westerners to call her (because her real name was too damn hard for most Westerners to pronounce): ตน The exact translation is probably closer to “Thon” than “Tron” but when … Continue reading

The Time I Got Sucked Into A Weird Mushroom Cult (Part 1)

I was in Chiang Mai, a gorgeous town in Northern Thailand, nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas (yeah, the Himalayas go all the way down into Thailand 🤯). I’d hired a couple of life coaches to help me figure some things out but… It wasn’t turning out as expected. Instead of helping me, you … Continue reading