Do you suffer from NSD?

NSD is short for “nervous system dysregulation”. If you’ve got NSD, it essentially means that your nervous system is stuck ON or OFF (or both at the same time). If it’s stuck in ON (sympathetic / fight or flight) mode: You’re anxious. Angry. You rarely feel safe. You’re hyper-sensitive. You can’t focus. You can’t “come … Continue reading

Don’t Get Pulled Over By The Thai Cops At 2am In The Morning 🤦‍♂️

I’m sitting at my friend Chase’s, 2 minutes from where I live here in Peru, gazing up at Apu Pitusiray. It’s open mats day – Brazilian Ju Jitsu with the crew… Chase, Jason, James, Al, Ian and Felix. I only started training BJJ this year (10 months ago)… but I’m loving it. It’s so much … Continue reading

Hilariously Bad Advice You Should NOT Follow

I love the internet. There’s so much funny shit out there. For example, take this piece of advice from someone’s “no-nonsense grandfather”: “If you see a bear and don’t have time to run away, hug it. Bears cannot scratch their stomachs.” — My no-nonsense grandfather (Twitter @roseveleth) Hmmm. I don’t think I’ll test that one … Continue reading