Thinking “I’m Angry” Is Not feeling, It’s Thinking

Thinking "I'm angry" is thinking, not feeling

When I told you about my motorbike ride to the Maras Salt Mines last week, I was thinking. When I was feeling the bike lean into the corners, I was feeling. Posting on social media about your last holiday is thinking. Feeling the warm water lapping at your toes is feeling. Thinking or telling someone … Continue reading

Do you suffer from NSD?

NSD is short for “nervous system dysregulation”. If you’ve got NSD, it essentially means that your nervous system is stuck ON or OFF (or both at the same time). If it’s stuck in ON (sympathetic / fight or flight) mode: You’re anxious. Angry. You rarely feel safe. You’re hyper-sensitive. You can’t focus. You can’t “come … Continue reading

Meditation is the new smoking

Like smoking, it helps us to disconnect from our day. From the stress of replying to emails from Karen in Human Resources. From the pain of working a job or career we don’t enjoy to buy shit we don’t need (like that blue kayak in the garage that never gets used). From thoughts about how … Continue reading

Don’t Be An 🧊 Cube

If you were an ice cube, what shape would you be? Square? Oblong? Round? Would you be an itty bitty ice cube? Or one of those giant ice blocks the size of a small dog? If I could be any ice cube, I’d be one of those ice cubes that gets carved and sculpted into … Continue reading