Do you suffer from NSD?

NSD is short for “nervous system dysregulation”. If you’ve got NSD, it essentially means that your nervous system is stuck ON or OFF (or both at the same time). If it’s stuck in ON (sympathetic / fight or flight) mode: You’re anxious. Angry. You rarely feel safe. You’re hyper-sensitive. You can’t focus. You can’t “come … Continue reading

Be here now or buy that butt plug?

It’s simple advice. Just be here now. Don’t think. Don’t imagine anything. Just be here now. And yet… It’s incredibly difficult, is it not? Look at how most people live. It’s ALL about distractions. It’s as if the entire world is designed simply to distract us from what’s happening right now. Thinking is simply the … Continue reading

How to get out of 2nd gear

Back when I lived in Thailand, I found it impossible to stay motivated. I’d start out strong, setting million dollar goals, getting up at 5am and working all freaking day… …for approximately 3 weeks. Then I’d hit a rock hard wall of stone. The motivation would vanish and I’d start sleeping in until 10, procrastinating … Continue reading


Bored. Listless. Depressed. Anxious. Unhappy and unfulfilled. UNEXCITED. Apathetic. Fed up with life. IS THIS IT?!? Jaded. Cynical. Empty. Tuckered out. Joyless. Despondent. Disenchanted and disillusioned. These are just some of the words that used to describe me. Don’t get me wrong – Rewind my life by 5 years and from the outside, it looked … Continue reading

Meditation is the new smoking

Like smoking, it helps us to disconnect from our day. From the stress of replying to emails from Karen in Human Resources. From the pain of working a job or career we don’t enjoy to buy shit we don’t need (like that blue kayak in the garage that never gets used). From thoughts about how … Continue reading

Your racing mind is NOT the problem

It’s a symptom of a deeper issue. What issue? Nervous system dysregulation. What’s that? A nervous system that’s all outta whack. Why’s it out of whack? Stress from years and decades gone by. Emotions that weren’t expressed. Sensations that weren’t felt. Memories that weren’t acknowledged. It’s all the times you wanted to run away but … Continue reading

The high-tech slick brick of the self-help industry

I remember way back in 2013 when I was living in Thailand, I didn’t want an iPhone.. or hell, even a smart phone. No thank you 🙅‍♂️ I was perfectly happy with my $20 brick of a phone. It received calls and text messages and that was all I wanted. I absolutely did NOT want … Continue reading