The Weird Power of Curiosity

Somatic Experiencing and the power of curiosity and tracking sensations

Before Emily started working with her nervous system and survival response, she was clinically depressed and anxious. She had regular panic attacks. She hated her life. In fact, she was so miserable and unhappy that she considered killing herself numerous times 😳 It got so bad that she had to quit her corporate job in … Continue reading

Help! I Don’t Know How To Breathe 😮‍💨

Help! I Don't Know How to Breathe

My new breathing trainer arrived this week. Yes. Yes, it’s true. I don’t know how to breathe… so I bought a breathing trainer 🤷‍♂️ Is that crazy or what? Each morning, I stick this thing in my mouth and suck 😏 I suck air through it 30x (for 30 breaths). I do it again in … Continue reading

How to think like a cat (or a tree)

Do cats think? Do trees worry? Do mountains fret over whether they’re good enough to be a sausage entrepreneur or a mother of five or an Oscar-winning actor? You can learn a lot observing nature. Just this morning, I watched one of our kittens Zeus as he ate his breakfast (trout paté, kibble and deliciously … Continue reading

My head on your nuts

24 hours ago, this was my view… I’d hiked up to this lookout with Adyashatmypants and a few friends, 2 dogs and 5 bags of definitely not dry rice cakes (caaaaaaaaaarbs 🤤). We started at 830am, took a taxi to the start of the trail and by 1130, we’d arrived at the spot where I took that … Continue reading

Storm, Zeus and pot plant shits

I’m sitting next to Storm on the couch/sofa/day-bed in my office while listening to Ain’t No Mountain High Enough and gazing at Apu Pitusiray out the window. Storm lies on her side in a sort of oval shape with her tail under her feet and one paw resting on her face. The little cutie. I can’t see … Continue reading