The surprising cost of nervous system dysregulation

How many opportunities have you missed due to nervous system dysregulation? 😬 Procrastination 🥱 Bad sleep 😰 Imposter syndrome and self-doubt 😪 Low energy and motivation 🤔 Not knowing how to follow your impulse or gut (and as a result, lacking a sense of purpose, direction and meaning in your life) All of these things … Continue reading

How to get out of 2nd gear

Back when I lived in Thailand, I found it impossible to stay motivated. I’d start out strong, setting million dollar goals, getting up at 5am and working all freaking day… …for approximately 3 weeks. Then I’d hit a rock hard wall of stone. The motivation would vanish and I’d start sleeping in until 10, procrastinating … Continue reading

Don’t Be An 🧊 Cube

If you were an ice cube, what shape would you be? Square? Oblong? Round? Would you be an itty bitty ice cube? Or one of those giant ice blocks the size of a small dog? If I could be any ice cube, I’d be one of those ice cubes that gets carved and sculpted into … Continue reading