When Storm stole a bite from Kano’s bowl

Storm crept a little closer to Kano’s food bowl, nippling at the scraps on the floor, taking her time. Kano watched her carefully without moving a muscle. Was this the day? Was Kano really going to let Storm (a tiny kitten) eat her food? She made it to Kano’s food bowl, sniffing around the edges … Continue reading

you can’t rush your healing

Here he comes! Kano. The regal, kingly dog. He sprints for the back door as I stand by it, ready to open it when he gets close. Then… BANG! Poor Kano 🥲 Instead of sprinting out the back door, he sprints INTO the back door. In slo-mo, I might add. Just like the movies. With … Continue reading

Eat your dog food (and don’t play hockey with it)

The one and only Kano stayed over the other day. Mighty Kano! Hell of a dog. I don’t think I’ve mentioned him before. He belongs to my friend Lacey… and whenever she goes out of town, she brings Kano over to our place for a little sleepover. That means we gotta feed him, water him … Continue reading