“I shrieked so loud the windows rattled”

I showed Rageheart to a friend the other day and he gave me some important feedback: Thanks for sharing the podcast links, I’ll have a listen at some point and I’ll return the favour with some more images soon. I have had a good look at RageHeart and also showed a good mate of mine … Continue reading

Be here now or buy that butt plug?

It’s simple advice. Just be here now. Don’t think. Don’t imagine anything. Just be here now. And yet… It’s incredibly difficult, is it not? Look at how most people live. It’s ALL about distractions. It’s as if the entire world is designed simply to distract us from what’s happening right now. Thinking is simply the … Continue reading

get it out, GET IT OUT!!! (Rageheart is OPEN)

So first things first… Rageheart is NOW accepting new members 🥳🎉🎉🎉 (for 4 days only) Sign up today to unleash the beast inside you without self-help bandaids like meditation, $49 Moleskine journals and airy-fairy gratitude lists: https://www.rageheart.co/go/ Now, about that bizarre subject line… Imagine you’d never tried an inflatable butt plug (or hell, put anything … Continue reading

Yes, inflatable butt plugs are actually a thing

BUT… They’re not what you think. Someone emailed me over the weekend about my inflatable butt plugs email. They loved it of course 😎 They also loved the fact that I talked about them like I was talking about oranges, toast or the weather – and to that I say, WHY THE HELL NOT? Why … Continue reading

Safety, kisses and inflatable butt plugs 🍆

I was in Cusco recently for a Tinder date and it got me thinking… Dating is ALL about safety, kisses and inflatable butt plugs 🍆 With kisses, it’s obvious. Whether we like a little tongue or not, we all want to kiss and be kissed. Then there’s inflatable butt plugs. Admittedly, they’re not everyone’s cup … Continue reading