San Pedro, Gratitude and Getting Nailed

San Pedro, gratitude and getting nailed

Last week, I attended a San Pedro retreat here in Peru. San Pedro is a psychedelic cactus native to the mountains of Peru. It’s difficult to tell you exactly what it is or what it does, and I don’t want to colour your expectations of it in case you ever do it… …but I will … Continue reading

Anxiety = stored survival stress

It’s like you’re in a constant fog. You can hear fine… …but you have trouble listening. You know what to say… …but you can’t quite say it. It’s not fear that’s holding you back… …but rather that your body (and everything in it) is just frozen. Maybe it feels like you’re having one of those … Continue reading

Put a pink Hello Kitty bandaid on it

Back in 2018, I spent a night in a Thai hospital. I’d injured myself doing shoulder stands on the gymnastics rings at GoGym Chiang Mai. I’m sure it looked cool to all the people on the treadmills as they watched… …but it also gave me a hernia 😭 (A hernia is a tear in the … Continue reading

No, My Parents Didn’t Give Me Drugs When I Was 7 Years Old

I remember it like it was yesterday. The corner room of my childhood house. Upstairs. 7 years old. Buried beneath a pile of blankets. Hearing the wild party going on all around me. The chinking of wine glasses. Singing of songs. Dancing. Laughing. Talking. Flirting. Except… …there was no party. I was alone in my … Continue reading

All Blocked Up? Here’s What NOT To Do About It

Here in Peru, at least in our house, we have a metal strainer over the kitchen sink. The idea is… Stop food from going down the drain to prevent blocked pipes. Most of the time, it works. We wash the dishes, soapy water goes down the drain and food gets caught in the strainer. But … Continue reading