NEW podcast on psychedelics, manipulation and rage

A couple months ago, Martin Ball at The Entheogenic Evolution podcast interviewed me. We talk about psychedelics and entheogens, manipulation and gaslighting by psychedelic facilitators and the benefits of embodiment, emotion and aggression (as well as why common tools like meditation, gratitude lists and journaling are outdated at best). ​>> Check it out here​ Martin … Continue reading

How to actually relax

Before I discovered the world of nervous system healing, I thought I knew what it meant to relax. I’d watch Netflix or get some Pad Thai or go for a walk and sure, it was relaxing… but I don’t think I realised that this was “relaxation by distraction”. In other words, I didn’t truly relax … Continue reading

How you move is how you think

Here’s something that might be new to you: If you learn to move better, your thinking improves too 💪 I’m talking about… Less “I’m not good enough”… …and more “I’ve got this BABY”. Less burn out, fatigue and smashing 27 coffees to get through your days… …and more efficiency, vitality and taking that snowboarding holiday … Continue reading

Kano the canine life coach

I walked into the bathroom the other morning to the most shocking sight: Zeus and Storm (our two kittens) sitting obediently at 2 school desks along with Kano (our friend’s dog) at a blackboard 👨‍🏫🐶 Kano, a fluffy cream-coloured dog with legs too short for his body, wore a pair of dark-rimmed Librarian’s glasses while … Continue reading

I’d Probably Jump Out of my skin or kill someone if…

10 years ago, I was a coffee fiend. I remember sitting at Ristr8to coffee on the main street of Nimman in Chiang Mai, Thailand, smashing iced long blacks with my friend Rob while getting philosophical about life and the universe. Even today, 10 years and half a world later, I still rate those coffees as … Continue reading