Ever Had A Fever For 1 Year Straight?

Ever had a fever for 1 year straight?

Late last year, Adyashatmypants and I got hit with Covid-19. Fever, body aches, insomnia, brain fog and more. It sucked 😢 However, we were back to normal in 1-2 weeks 🥳 Thanks to the inflammation triggered by Covid-19, our bodies healed themselves in a relatively short period of time 🎉 That’s the thing with inflammation: … Continue reading

Your Anxiety Is Not Your Fault

Your Anxiety Is Not Your Fault

Nor is your depression, trouble sleeping or that icky sticky imposter syndrome feeling. This is one of my favourite things about the nervous system framework. I used to blame myself for my various “issues”. I thought I’d somehow failed. That I was broken. But once I understood the mechanics of the nervous system survival response … Continue reading

Everything Is Everything

Spanish is jiu jitsu is ballet is gardening is knitting is building houses is programming is writing is hiking is snowboarding is cooking is overcoming anxiety and depression is nervous system work is tantric sex and full body orgasms that shake the walls of the house and make your neighbours call the cops. The point … Continue reading

Be here now or buy that butt plug?

It’s simple advice. Just be here now. Don’t think. Don’t imagine anything. Just be here now. And yet… It’s incredibly difficult, is it not? Look at how most people live. It’s ALL about distractions. It’s as if the entire world is designed simply to distract us from what’s happening right now. Thinking is simply the … Continue reading

I know I said no more butt plugs BUTTT…

…my friend Marianne sent me the following message after yesterday’s email and it was so good that I had to share it with you: You crack me up hahaha. Just in case you needed more information about butt plugs…… 🤣 Attached to Marianne’s message was a photo of, you guessed it, a butt plug. However, it was … Continue reading