How to relax your adrenals

I made a new Rage for Rageheart today. How to relax your adrenals 🤯 That is… How to work directly with your stress organs. See, your adrenals are sort of like the engine of your stress response. When it’s time to fight or run away or hell, send some emails to a potential client, your … Continue reading

Got covid 🤒

Yep – I got the one-and-only COVID-19 🦠 The deadly… …disastrous… …dAnGeRoUs… …Covid-19. Except it hasn’t been any of those things 🤷‍♂️ Symptoms kicked in last Sunday and I feel like I’m just about finished with it. There was a fever for one night. Body aches like I’d been in a fight. A sore throat … Continue reading