Bloody Murder

I walked into the house the other day and ran straight into a crime scene. Blood on the floor. Body parts all over the place. A leg here… …an arm there. Annnnnnnnnnnd… FEATHERS EVERYWHERE 🪶 Yes, that’s right. Zeus (or was it Storm!?) had killed a bird and torn it apart limb from limb, feather … Continue reading

How to think like a cat (or a tree)

Do cats think? Do trees worry? Do mountains fret over whether they’re good enough to be a sausage entrepreneur or a mother of five or an Oscar-winning actor? You can learn a lot observing nature. Just this morning, I watched one of our kittens Zeus as he ate his breakfast (trout paté, kibble and deliciously … Continue reading

How to be invisible

These cats 😤 When they want you, they want you. They insert themselves into the middle of whatever I’m doing to get what they want: Cuddles, head rubs and tasty cat treats that are not fit for human consumption (I read the ingredients label today 😳). But when they don’t want you, you’re invisible. I … Continue reading

Unleash your pussy

Zeus and Storm continue to amaze me. Just last night, I was sitting outside on the veranda while watching the sunset when along comes Zeus (or was it Storm?), gliding through the grass without a sound despite the fact that it was basically dark. No rustling the grass. No stepping on twigs or leaves to alert their … Continue reading

Storm, Zeus and pot plant shits

I’m sitting next to Storm on the couch/sofa/day-bed in my office while listening to Ain’t No Mountain High Enough and gazing at Apu Pitusiray out the window. Storm lies on her side in a sort of oval shape with her tail under her feet and one paw resting on her face. The little cutie. I can’t see … Continue reading

When Storm stole a bite from Kano’s bowl

Storm crept a little closer to Kano’s food bowl, nippling at the scraps on the floor, taking her time. Kano watched her carefully without moving a muscle. Was this the day? Was Kano really going to let Storm (a tiny kitten) eat her food? She made it to Kano’s food bowl, sniffing around the edges … Continue reading