I know I said no more butt plugs BUTTT…

…my friend Marianne sent me the following message after yesterday’s email and it was so good that I had to share it with you: You crack me up hahaha. Just in case you needed more information about butt plugs…… 🤣 Attached to Marianne’s message was a photo of, you guessed it, a butt plug. However, it was … Continue reading

Yes, inflatable butt plugs are actually a thing

BUT… They’re not what you think. Someone emailed me over the weekend about my inflatable butt plugs email. They loved it of course 😎 They also loved the fact that I talked about them like I was talking about oranges, toast or the weather – and to that I say, WHY THE HELL NOT? Why … Continue reading

Safety, kisses and inflatable butt plugs 🍆

I was in Cusco recently for a Tinder date and it got me thinking… Dating is ALL about safety, kisses and inflatable butt plugs 🍆 With kisses, it’s obvious. Whether we like a little tongue or not, we all want to kiss and be kissed. Then there’s inflatable butt plugs. Admittedly, they’re not everyone’s cup … Continue reading

Sex Rooms, Butt Plugs And Rageheart

I’ve recently been watching How To Build A Sex Room on Netflix. It’s a solid show. It has it’s ups and downs (😚) but it’s funny, heart-warming and altogether brilliant. In the show, interior designer Melanie Rose designs sex rooms (aka. “erotic renovations”) for couples. During her consultation with each couple, she always brings a … Continue reading