Life Is The Greatest Healer

Life is the greatest healer and teacher

I drank Ayahuasca for the first time in Peru last year 🙂 It’s why I moved here. Well, one reason anyway. I’d already explored plant medicine and psychedelics elsewhere (including Ayahuasca). I also knew that Ayahuasca came from South America, with various tribes in Brazil, Peru and other countries who’d worked with it for thousands … Continue reading

This Is Your Weekly Reminder To Rage

This Is Your Weekly Reminder To Rage

I recently tried to set up weekly reminders to people inside The Rageheart Academy but it was a doubling up disaster 🤦‍♂️ You’d get a reminder after not logging in for a week… …then 2 reminders on the same day after 2 weeks of not logging in… …3 reminders on the same day after 3 weeks of … Continue reading

Unleash your pussy

Zeus and Storm continue to amaze me. Just last night, I was sitting outside on the veranda while watching the sunset when along comes Zeus (or was it Storm?), gliding through the grass without a sound despite the fact that it was basically dark. No rustling the grass. No stepping on twigs or leaves to alert their … Continue reading

Primal pee shivers (but more intense)

I just wrapped up a welcome call with a new Rager who told me about a primal shiver he had in the first 10 minutes of Rageheart 😮 How’s that for quick results? You might be wondering… Who wants a primal shiver? What’s the point of that Jawwwwwwwwwn? The big deal is this… In the … Continue reading

Anxiety, depression and tigers who are CHILL AF

Did you know that animals in the wild rarely get PTSD? Tigers. Lions. Hyenas and gazelles. Chipmunks, monkeys and rats. Incredible, right? But put them into captivity and they start exhibiting symptoms of PTSD – just like the average human being in the modern world. Anxiety. Depression. Inability to relax. Digestive problems. Social media addictions. … Continue reading

Adyashatmypants strikes again (Teabag Chopra is IN DA HOUSE)

Last Saturday, I drank San Pedro with my sister Adyashatmypants (aka. “Ellie”, a much less spiritual name) and a bunch of other crazy cats. It was a good day. Blue sky, gorgeous mountains and lukewarm San Pedro. Ok… The warm part wasn’t great – basically lukewarm cactus soup without the thorns – but hey, sometimes medicine is bitter 🤷‍♂️ … Continue reading

Ambushed (And BITTEN!) By A Pack Of Wild Dogs

The other day, I was ambushed by a pack of wild dogs in Urabamba, the local town where I buy my groceries. The day began like any other. I woke up. Brushed my teeth. Made a steaming hot mug of cacao (LOVE that stuff 🤤). Worked. Choked and got choked (Brazilian Ju Jitsu). Lifted weights. … Continue reading

Oh Shit! You Just Woke The Beast 😱

*Cue scary music* RUUUUUUNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!@#@!#!!!!! Actually, wait – Oh… The beast isn’t awake. Not yet anyway. The beast is just restless. Tossing and turning in their sleep. They might wake up… and to be honest, it would be great if they did. For you, me AND humanity. BUT… It’s far from guaranteed. That’s where Rageheart comes … Continue reading